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Lightning and Thunder: Making Partnerships Work for You
Oil and vinegar? Zombies and ballet? An orchestra and a hockey team? Have you ever created a surprising partnership to change your image and reach your goals?

Charity Channel, In the Trenches
“Being in my fourth decade in the nonprofit sector, I never grow tired of hearing about the amazing creativity that nonprofit leaders exhibit. One of the things I like about the column written by Karen Eber Davis is that she showcases problem-solving at the strategic level by nonprofit organizations that aren’t especially well-known or particularly visible beyond their immediate context. They are just every-day organizations being quite creative. In the latest installment, Karen explores one way a nonprofit solved its customers’ needs by creating a program that reduced their barriers to employment. I wonder, what do you take away from her article, Create Extraordinary Impact: Fund Your Most Difficult Challenge? Does this spark ideas of your own?”

4 Good Newsletter
“A successful special event requires support from many different branches of your nonprofit, including your board of directors. Create A Signature Event With Board Help, from Karen Eber Davis Consulting, will help you engage your board in the event planning process.”

Advancing Philanthropy
Vision enables you to see the future, to visualize it and then write from that. Imagine the future in detail.

Atlanta Business Chronicle
Mergers among non-profits are like a second marriage where both partners have children

The Nonprofit Times
If you anticipate that you will meet all your income needs through grants, forgo the plan. Few, if any, non-profits survive on grants alone.

The Nonprofit Good Practice Guide
As much as we might like to, we can’t do it all. The right consultant can help you overcome roadblocks between you and your goals.

The Non Prophet, Your Nonprofit Voice
Today, we discussed our favorite non-profit information sources and publications. Here is our list of recommended sources

Texas Nonprofits
If mission is the heart of your organization, money is its blood.

UCP People
To determine if the donor funds new organizations, review several years of awards. If they haven’t funded anyone new in three years, your organization is unlikely to make the cut.

Society for the Advancement of Consultants
Some people avoid following up when they must deliver bad news, but your ‘No, thanks,’ frees up both you and your recipient.

The Community of Sarasota Foundation Newsletter
It’s been my privilege to help non-profits, their staff and volunteers to find resources for their missions and to partner with the Nonprofit Resource Center in helping to improve our community.

Resource E-Notes, Helig Resource Center
In this time of economic uncertainty, will all of our plans for big projects need to be put on hold? The More Than Money Consultant, Karen Eber Davis says not!