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How to Lead Great Meetings

Ideas to Results

“A great help to my board chair, who runs a lovely meeting, but goes on and on” was one comment we heard about this workshop-in-a-brochure publication. How to Lead Great Meetings gathers information from more than 20 publications and years of leading and attending meetings. You can read it in 30 minutes and use the information 30 times a year. Useful for all volunteers and staff who run meetings.


How to Enlist Great Help

Local Sources, 2008 edition

In this workshop-in-a-brochure, you will find a guide to assist you in enlisting the help you need, including volunteers and employees. What steps can you take to ensure your getting a “yes” when you ask for help? What can you do if no one wants the job? How do you ask so that you get a dependable answer? Essential reading and thinking for anyone looking for help.


Help! I’m Writing a Grant
Help for the Beginner and Expert Alike Who Want to Create Better Proposals Faster

Advanced Grant Writing Series #1

Do you struggle to find ways to create grant requests to sustain you long-term vs.
one-time winners? Would you like to know what to write to end the separation between
grants and other fundraising? This CD helps you understand how to create applications
that create new synergies and useful revenue. Set in motion the links between grants
and individual donations, position your organization as future oriented and include
items in your requests you never considered to get additional mileage from your grants.


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