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June 2012

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You Can Find the Money
Money-Tastic Tip #32 Diversify
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You Can Find the Money
Your Nonprofit Needs 


Two Reasons Why, Five Ways How    

You can obtain the money and resources your nonprofit needs to provide your mission. Here's are two reasons why:


1. Abundant Resources Exist. Way more money and resources exist to help your nonprofit than you recognize. And, you have more potential opportunities than you anticipate. Find and take advantage of them by stepping into the unknown and asking smart people for help. Listen to them. Create a pool of wisdom about your opportunities. A 25-year-old nonprofit struggles. By listening to its friends, new and old, and disregarding naysayers, it discovers it is loved and respected. It also begins to see new possibilities. As the nonprofit listens it begins to take actions. While not traceable to any one action, it starts to receive new donations. You, too, can obtain the money your nonprofits needs. Ask. Listen. Gather advice. Meld the advice into a strategy. Take action.


2. Limited and Knowable Paths Exist. Part of obtaining adequate funding results from knowing the two paths and the seven sources to nonprofit income. Dr. Kent Lydecker with the Museum of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg, Florida summarizes the two paths . . .  Read the rest of the article here. 


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Money-Tastic Tip #32
From the Basics Section    


Successful nonprofits obtain income from several of the seven nonprofit income streams. If you obtain seven different kinds of government funding, you are not diverse.  Generally, income streams respond differently to changing economic conditions. In a recession your consignment store's revenue (an "Other Income" source) increases and your corporate donations decline. Be diverse, draw from different funding streams.


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Karen Eber Davis   Interviews the FiscalDoctor, Gary Patterson

 Is There a Doctor in the House? How to Ensure Your Nonprofit's Fiscal Health   


Few issues could be more important than your fiscal health. In this podcast, we talk to a resource you probably never knew was available, but during dark nights when you wonder if something is amiss in your nonprofit, you probably wish for a fiscal doctor. Gary W. Patterson, The FiscalDoctor®, has helped over 200 companies including nonprofit organizations that range in size from start-ups to Fortune 500 firms.    


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