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May 2012

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The 6 Laws of Successful Big Innovations
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The Six Laws of  

Successful Big Innovations  


"We're constantly looking for our next big next."


To flourish, nonprofits need to regularly identify and adopt fresh, big innovations. Nonprofits need innovations sometimes to survive but always to flourish. This is important work and it often takes Michelangelo-like skills. To create a masterpiece you must look into the future and see the opportunities trapped inside it. Then, like Michelangelo, you carve away what doesn't work so you can focus on what does. Finding and creating your next big next is neither easy nor quick. However, fresh innovations are essential and potentially hugely rewarding. Selecting and implementing them shapes every successful nonprofit and establishes CEO's legacies.    


Below are the six laws of nonprofit innovations for major upgrades. These laws assume your innovation has emotional appeal. Note that funding is not listed as a law. While funding is a major consideration, it's not a law. More on that later.

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Ideas to Results 


Money-Tastic Tip 
From the Basics Section    


Seven sources of nonprofit income exist: earned mission revenue, individual donations, governments, foundations and groups, businesses, non-mission related earned income, and in-kind. While technically in-kind is not cash, when it is used well it acts like cash and deserves separate consideration. Understand which type of income you seek. Understand that people offer you money based on a set of benefits they expect from each source. When you know the different benefits anticipated, offer each entity what they seek.


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Karen Eber Davis   Interviews the FiscalDoctor, Gary Patterson

 Is There a Doctor in the House? How to Ensure Your Nonprofit's Fiscal Health   


Few issues could be more important than your fiscal health. In this podcast, we talk to a resource you probably never knew was available, but during dark nights when you wonder if something is amiss in your nonprofit, you probably wish for a fiscal doctor. Gary W. Patterson, The FiscalDoctorŪ, has helped over 200 companies including nonprofit organizations that range in size from start-ups to Fortune 500 firms.    


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