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Issue #1                                                                                  December 2014


Hot Off The Press  

In time for the holidays, CharityChannel Press published,  

It's must reading for board members or anyone who wants to help a nonprofit in need of money to get off the budget- shortfall-treadmill forever.


Great to get or give this holiday season!


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Can You Create More Results Working With Nonprofits? 

Abundance. You have an amazing abundance of opportunities to express your philanthropic interests. In fact, in the United States and Canada, 1.7 million nonprofits exist. Like most business owners you're frequently asked for gifts, either by post or directly. It's very likely you say yes-regularly. Most Americans do.


As I talk to business owners, I find most give as part of their personal lives. Others make business investments by picking among sponsorships opportunities. (Gold, silver, or bronze, anyone?) Some make gifts to enhance their marketing, support their brand, and to gain the satisfaction of helping in a meaningful way. For instance, at every closing, a title company donates ten dollars to Habitat for Humanity.


Almost none parlay their investments to provide significant returns-for the business, the nonprofit, and the community. Few create an intentional strategy that offers them an edge in the market to improve the business' bottom line and excellence.


This newsletter will offer a window into these opportunities. It will challenge you to consider making your gifts vibrant community investments. For example, a sole proprietor who engaged in scattershot giving for years decides to focus his giving to nonprofits specifically in his market. He creates a competitive $2,500 annual award. The winner must use it to build the nonprofit's capacity. The responses to the one-page application provides the proprietor insights into the market. The award, which he judges with two respected peers, gives one nonprofit a boost and enhances the business owner's brand within his niche. Applicants receive no other marketing effort, from the business, except to receive his newsletter. It among other opportunities, notifies them of the next award cycle. For the same investment, as his scattershot approach, the proprietor receives a measurable tenfold return.    


Opportunities like these require partnerships. Therefore, this newsletter will also engage nonprofit leaders who value the challenge and the opportunity to work innovatively with entrepreneurial business leaders. The wisest of these leaders share business leaders concerns about revenue generation. They also seek to create community impact that allows them to stand out in the cacophony of market noise.


I look forward to exploring these rich, untapped business-nonprofit opportunities with you here. In the meantime, please call (941-924-4860) if you'd like to learn more about or tap into this abundance.         



Sector Crossing   

While these resources are written for nonprofits leaders, business leaders can learn a lot from them including how to accomplish much with few resources.   


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