Are You Using the Opportunities to Make Friends Fundraising Success Driver?

Fundraising success is an art and a science. Fortunately, when you get the science right, you create lots of room to become skillful at the art. Both launch you to maximize your fundraising dollars.


Below, you’ll read about one fundraising success drivers. A driver, part of the science of fundraising, is a habitual activity that creates a climate that inspires donor engagement. In many ways, drivers are like the highways around and transportation options at Disney World. They provide quick ways for donors and supporters to arrive, linger, and get to the good stuff at your nonprofit.


This article explores the one stewardship habitat that keeps your donors engaged once they arrive at your door. (Follow this link to read about the four drivers that bring donors to you.)


The Opportunities to Make Friends Driver


Inter-donor relationships are your fifth driver. Relationships between donors bind people to your nonprofit and encourage them to remain. This driver increases donations. Donor friendships introduce peer pressure and friendly competition. Both increase gifts.


One Habitat affiliate in a community with many gated-communities benefited from a “beat the other neighborhoods Habitat fundraising campaigns.” Two donors who lived in different neighborhoods organized and drove these competitions.


Ideal donors are people who love your cause and the people you attract because the inter-donor driver reduces your labor. For example, friends call friends to make sure they bought tickets for your event. The inviting donors can’t wait to tell you their friends (and your prospects!) will attend

your event.


How else do donor connections drive fundraising results? Quality friendships provide donor’s additional value. They reduce donor churn by creating multiple contacts. So, when your beloved development director departs, donors remain because of their relationships with others.


How to Use Opportunities to Make Friends Driver During COVID

How are you encouraging donors, volunteers, and newcomers to meet and get to know others? The good news is that some of this happens naturally by putting people in the same real or virtual room.


Using this driver has become more challenging in the age of COVID. Even from a distance, you can still use it. You can:


  • Use Zoom breakout rooms.
  • Invite your board members, as modeled by my client, the St. Pete Arts Alliance, to share a (brief) Bright Spot before you start your business
  • Include a check-in time during your smaller meetings. Right now, telling a Zoom-disaster experience is therapeutic.
  • Invite two donors who don’t’ know each other, but share commonalities to watch a mission-related educational video with you.


These are my top-of-the-mind ideas. What have you done? How will you be more intentional about encouraging donor friendships? How will you make this a habit so that your donor’s connections flourish?


For more read: The Key to Abundant Nonprofit Income: The Sweet Spot Where Mission & Community Meet


If you’d like to know more about setting up the seven fundraising success drivers in your nonprofit please don’t hesitate to set up a time to talk. I’d love to help you get these drivers delivering money into your budget before the end of the year.

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