August Monthly Round-up

Added Value: Guiding Nonprofit CEOs with Vision to Revenue and Resources That Get Them There

Here are Karen’s recent top posts and videos for you and your associates. You’re welcome to re-post these articles for free. Please include an attribution and a link back to the original post.

The Report: What is Really Happening with Nonprofit Revenue?

What are nonprofits really experiencing during the pandemic in terms of revenue? Not surprisingly, the majority of participants (74 percent) in a recent national study anticipate decreases by the end of 2020, compared with 2019. But, the news was not all bleak… Chock full of resources.

The Video: The “Real” Answers! What is “Really” Happening with Nonprofit Revenue?

Watch the presentation of the study results from the June 2020 Karen Eber Davis and Gail Bower survey. Note: While the report above and this video explore the same data, each contains separate thought-provoking insights.

Post: Show and Tell: What a Dozen Nonprofit CEOs Can Tell You About Surviving The COVID Financial Drought

Even though COVID-19 isn’t the Great Recession, the fundamentals of surviving that recession involved the same patterns that your nonprofit needs to master this financial drought. . .

Video: Are You Taking Enough Care of You?

How is it going with you? In this session, Karen shares a story of when she lead with fear. She offers a clear way to measure if you’re taking enough care of yourself now. (Session #7 of Karen’s live stream series, How to Lead Your Nonprofit with Vision)

Your Guide to
Long-term Recovery:
Raising Nonprofit Millions

This was an amazing book that I’d recommend to anyone in the not-for-profit arena. Philanthropy is a limitless resource to help advance missions, and this book definitely gives sound counsel and practical application on how to maximize your work with donors. If you only read one book, make it this one.
Penny Cowden
President, Philanthropy212°

Four Ways I Can Help You and Your Nonprofit Today

Karen’s Mentor Program

My mentor program is a six-month opportunity for individuals to meet their professional and personal goals. The pandemic won’t get in the way as the program is virtual. At the beginning of this program, you and I will reach a joint decision about how this program will help you. Together we will set specific goals for our time. It’s so powerful many folks sign up more than once. Mentees have doubled their income and improved their life balance and more during the program. Set a no obligation   appointment  to talk determine if mentoring is right for you.

Nonprofit Strategy

Every nonprofit needs a strategy to win. I will help your organization identify  the  critical question you face, find multiple options to answer it and discover your best strategy, based on your needs and vision. With my guidance, you, your board, staff, and supporters will know how to “win” more outcomes, money, and friends to propel you toward your vision. Available virtually, face-to-face, or a mix of both. Contact  me  if you’d like to know more.

Personal Strategy-in-a-Day: Karen’s Custom One-on-One VIP Program

Invest a day (or two half days) discovering where you want to be in the future and setting your agenda for your long game.
  • Gain control of your most valuable asset: your time
  • Get rid of the clutter: claim your musts and wants
  • With my guidance and our partnership, craft your optimal plan to win.
Isn’t it time you made your goals and needs the center of attention? Email  Karen  to learn more.

Discovery Call

Most nonprofit leader’s needs don’t fit neatly into one category but overlap the ones listed above and more. If you need to get ahead of the game, find a fail-proof process, or map out an undiscovered destination, give me a shout. Discovery conversations help you to gain clarity and identify options for moving forward. I offer discovery calls pro-bono to strengthen the nonprofit community and bolster you. Explore what’s possible.  Set an appointment.


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