Master Grant Writing

I’ve been asked repeatedly to provide grant help. This is the opportunity for you . . .

Master Grant Writing  

Join Master Grant Writing for six, one-hour sessions for six months in a small (maximum 10) group telephone conference. You’ll draft proposals, receive feedback, critique drafts, and learn to craft more powerful proposals. You’ll write better grants quicker. Topics include: crafting narrative, telling stories, engaging bored sleepy panelists, case statements, and how to say ‘kind’ things about your competitors to improve your funding. You’ll become a better writer. You’ll make unprecedented gains in your grant income.

  • Get more than one experts opinion on your draft
  • Not done in a day–a process to help you master grant writing
  • Practice, improve and get feedback on what you polish
  • Learn and grow by reading others and critiquing their efforts.

Introductory Price $750, pre-sign up discount $500. Not for beginners. Email Karen, Limited Seats.

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