Boards That Fundraise, Three Easy Ways for Boards to Help Fundraise without Asking for Money

In the last issue of Added Value, I wrote about Boards Who Won’t Help Fundraise. This time, let’s talk about boards who do. What actions do board members take to help fundraise? According to your responses from this survey, (you can still add your experiences) boards who help fundraise most commonly take these three actions:

1. Donate Generously

Leaders model behaviors they want others to copy. According to BoardSource, 74 percent of board members participate in giving. Best …
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Good, Better, Best Smart Corporate Giving You Need to Adopt Today

It’s the giving time of year. Our inboxes and mailboxes flood with requests for support from worthy organizations. How to respond? Do you use good, better, or the best approach to corporate giving? Let me explain each style:

1. Good. You give. Thank you. You recognize that being in business has rewards and responsibilities. Ninety percent of Americans, “believe that businesses need to place at least equal weight on society’s interests as on business interest,” according to Edelman’s Good Purpose …
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Making Your Own Luck A Review of Lucky’s Market Approach to Philanthropy

Last month, our local groceries shopping scene got more competitive. A Lucky’s Market opened. This new store followed our first Sprouts the previous year. Plus, shoppers can shop at Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Publix, Winn Dixie and online.

What’s a Hungry Business in Search of Customers to Do?
Besides competitive prices, Lucky’s distinguish itself with local philanthropy in two ways.

1. Bags for Change
If you bring your bag to the checkout, Lucky will give you wooden coins. You deposit …
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Boards Who Won’t Fundraise Three Shocking but Unfortunately Familiar Scenarios

Nonprofit leaders spend an inordinate amount of time trying to change boards that won’t fundraise. Recently, I worked with two sharp leaders with “Never Boards.” The first group found fundraising repugnant. They had a nice endowment, strong earned revenue, and a member willing to write checks to cover emergencies.

The second had been hand-picked for compliance with the former CEO’s leadership. Their duty came with a promise they would never have to ask for money, and they liked it …
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Fundraising for Everyone Includes Donors How to Your Make them Your Best Fundraisers

Pam first taught me about creating donors that fundraise.  She worked at a performing arts center on Florida’s East Coast. One day a major gift donor called, “I found a couple who will be perfect for us.” Would Pam make sure they got seats together at the next performance? Also, during intermission would Pam stop by to meet them? Within a month, the couple joined at the $5,000 level. In three years, their annual gift grew to $10,000.

As you …
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Leading the Employee Give-Back Team to Victory Questions for Philanthropic Champions

You’ve been asked to lead an employee team to develop your firm’s corporate philanthropy. What are some issues to explore on your journey to a great outcome? Here are five of nine questions I recommend to shape your meetings and launch your philanthropy toward a greater return on your investments.

The questions are all “big picture” that explore effective philanthropy. Use them before you select specific activities and nonprofits to support. By answering them, you’ll establish infrastructure for long-term success …
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Grant Writing is Like Getting Someone to Ask You Out

How to Write a Bang-up, Catch Their Eye, Crush- Making Introduction Letter

I found a “we’d like to talk to you about grant funding” letter I revised for a client. It’s a one-page sheet blued all over with ink and suggestions to strengthen it.

Why? Introduction letters must be compelling enough to blow through the clutter. To save time and to further your mission, your goal is a definitive yes or no to your invitation, based on your case. Since …
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Help! I Don’t Have Time to Be Philanthropic I’m Too Busy Growing a Business, Philanthropy and Business Growth

“I’d love to get involved, but I’m too busy.” In my years of working with businesses to help them develop effective nonprofit partnerships, I frequently hear about time constraints. Here’s what my most successful clients discover. They don’t have time not to be philanthropic. Let me explain. Engagement speeds growth because it provides:

 1. Richer Networking 

  • In part, we network to grow businesses. I attend about 50 networking events a year and give three to five pro-bono projects. The pro
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How Much Does Your Board Help with Fundraising? Three Questions to Discover Long-Lasting Philanthropy

Something different this post. Let’s dive into your experience. How do you rank your board? What’s working? And, why? Follow this link to a three-question survey about your board’s engagement in fundraising.
I’ll share the results with you.

In the meantime, here are more articles to read about engaging your board in fundraising.

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The Trifecta of Corporate Giving Business Philanthropy with Triple Wins

Dynamic business philanthropy generates three wins.
1. One for you and your business,
2. A second for the nonprofit, and
3. A third for the community.

Wins for Your Business and You

Your gains include supporting a cause you endorse, solving a business problem such as improving your brand, and, inspiring your employees by giving them a new skill and enhancing their relationships with their peers. Want more wins? Get your customers jazzed about your philanthropy.

Wins for Nonprofits

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