Are You Claiming Your Place at the Boardroom Table?


Podcast #18: Karen Eber Davis Interviews Thomas Bakewell, CEO Counsel and Confidante

What challenges do for for-profit and nonprofit boards share? As a board member what do you need to know about your responsibilities and liabilities? Might board members have a career path? If so, what does it look like? What about compensation? For-profits pay their board members. Nonprofits expect their board members to donate money. Are nonprofits therefore handicapped when it comes to capturing good leadership? Tom Bakewell, …

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Why writing a book is like having a baby…

7-nonprofit-indexYou labor alone for what seems like months and then after you give birth, they whisk away the child….

So far, I’ve yet to put my hands on it, but thanks to you this baby is doing quite well! It’s like a ten on the Apgar Score.

Thank you.

[Press Release] 7 Nonprofit Income Streams is Amazon No. 1 New Release


Contact: John Millen

CharityChannel Press Publishes Amazon No. 1 New Release:
7 Nonprofit Income

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Are Traditional Sponsorships Fatally Ill?

IMG_9549This is November’s Your Ingenious Nonprofit column. Read it to learn how to create dynamic corporate partnerships.

Traditional sponsorship is ill. While expected to linger, the disease is fatal. Death will result from sponsorship’s failure to provide strong competitive returns. No doubt you and your sponsors are secretly (or not) bored with gold, silver, and bronze opportunities. Certainly few sponsorships gender excitement about the lackluster results, such as name exposure. For instance, one week after the event, just one …

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Are You Missing These Revenue Opportunities?

IMG_9540Here’s an article from our November newsletter, Added Value.  Subscribe today to  explore nonprofit income and boards.

20 Often Missed Nonprofit Revenue Opportunities

Your nonprofit can obtain sustainable income. This list identifies twenty places where nonprofits leave money on the table. Which opportunities are you missing?To learn more and develop action steps to earn more opportunities, sign up for the Sustainable in 2015 telephone conference, Dec. 17 at 12:00 (noon) Eastern. We’ll discuss how to take advantage of
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The Just Right Opportunity: Sought by Donors and Customers Alike


This is our October Your Ingenious Nonprofit Column. Read it to understand how you can learn what your customers and donors want.

What Donors and Customers Want: The Just Right Opportunity

My husband and I are about to begin a massive kitchen renovation. So far, we’ve met with four contractors. The first promised us our budget was more than adequate. She talked a lot about what she’d allow us to do before presenting a bid that was 80 percent …

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You Expect Me To Raise What!?! Dealing with the Blue-Sky Revenue Number

IMG_9484At my presentation to the a chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals earlier this year, the audience asked some excellent questions. Here is one and my answer. It will be extremely helpful to you encounter fundraising expectations.

How do you handle a board or CEO who set astronomical fundraising goals they expect you to raise?

First, take the “you” out of it. Focus instead on the origin of the goal. Rarely, will the history of the goal include …

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What Roadblocks Exist Between You and Your Donors?

IMG_9647From our latest newsletter, Added Value.  Sign up today. We have some amazing articles coming up about income, boards, and excellence.

Removing Glacial Boulders: What Lies Between You and Donated Income?

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Free Webcast Nov. 6 with NPO Connect-CharityChannel

7-nonprofit-indexNovember 6th at 3pm Eastern

Open the Floodgates to Sustainability: Seven Streams, Endless Variations

with Karen Eber Davis

Money. It is what keeps nonprofit leaders up at night. How will you grow revenues this year? Even if obtaining money is not the #1 challenge you face, it’s likely that more revenue is on your wish list. This FREE session, based on the new book, 7 Nonprofit Income Streams: Open the Floodgates to Sustainability, identifies the seven key funding streams-from the …

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Time Management: Learning to Wait With Excellence

IMG_0271We’ve been working on getting our kitchen renovated since the first of the year. We’ve made tons of decisions. The cabinets arrived last week. Then, the County ate our permit application and the project was delayed, one, two, three grueling days. It begins today—four days late. After waiting nearly eleven months, you would think waiting another four days would be easy. It’s been more consuming than I care to admit.

It’s often hard to get started on significant projects. And, …

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9 Reasons Why Fundraising Isn’t Scary!

  1. 100_9518You don’t have to stand on the corner and beg.
  2. You don’t have to stand on the corner and beg.
  3. You don’t have to ask strangers for money.
  4. You only ask after you’ve given yourself. Did it scare you to be asked?
  5. You’re offering people an opportunity to make a real difference.
  6. Giving gives people a better life—and that’s not terrifying.
  7. No one will shoot at you or attack you with a clone.
  8. It’s hard to find good places to
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