What’s the Quickest Way to Earn More Revenue?

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I listened to 50 promises. It was the end of a three-day event about earned revenue opportunities. During it, participants heard dozens of inspirational success stories. They learned about the infrastructure behind success. They’d completed plans for their nonprofits. Now with my prompt, they publicly committed to use them.

When it …

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Strategy Verses Planning: What’s the Difference?

As I work with nonprofits (and even in my own thinking) I encounter confusion on the difference between strategy and planning especially when it comes to growing revenue. This post explores both, explains their differences and provides examples of each.

Strategy identifies different routes to the future you want. A good strategy provides overall direction. You use it long-term. You can condense strategy into a few well-chosen words to convey its essence. For example:

  1. Follow the North Star: Used by
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9 Tips to Help You Collect Stories to Inspire Donors

This post is from Added Value.  If you’re interested in growing your income, you’ll want to read each issue. Subscribe to Added Value here. It’s free.

“Its hard to get staff to share stories.” Glenda Leonard, Development Director at the Salvation Army said, “We’ve even made it part of their annual reviews and still it’s a struggle.” You need fresh stories of your success—they are the proof that you change lives. You need stories because they open the emotional …

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Yes, You Can Attract and Keep Talented Development Staff

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When I met Kathryn she bubbled with enthusiasm about the nonprofit where she served as Senior Development Director. Using her years of fundraising expertise, it had the potential to obtain millions in individual donations. Two years and three months later, I saw Kathryn at a luncheon. When I asked about her work, her energy evaporated. “I’m looking,” she whispered.

It’s not …

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Not An Impossible Dream: Three Steps to Sustainability

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Its my monthly column!

Your Ingenious Nonprofit
May 2014
Karen Eber Davis

Most nonprofits seek and need income sustainability. Most nonprofits hope to achieve it—someday.

Instead of making sustainability a hope and a dream for the future, determine that sustainability is possible for your nonprofit and within your control. Take a step into the future. Decide to be sustainable. Trade your someday for that day.

The day needn’t …

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How to Be An Ingenious Nonprofit Leader

This is the latest Your Ingenious Nonprofit column. Its available for your publication. Please contact Karen for more information.

A common challenge I hear from nonprofit leaders is that they feel isolated. Despite the educational opportunities available, few organizations help them to tackle advanced education. In response, I’ve begun a series of interactive opportunities starting with my Excel @. The Institute for Leaders in Development provides another solution. Here’s their story:

In 2006, Jennifer Darling, then Director of Development …

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Seven Ways to Make Money in the Dog Days of Summer

1. Create a Challenge. For example, to support The Food Bank of Manatee, local leaders challenged businesses, civic, faith-based organizations, networking groups, communities, and clubs to collect 1,000 pounds of food or raising $1,000 or a combination of the two this summer. Along the same line, you can develop a social media campaign. Run a hot sizzling summer campaign whenever its over 95 degrees such as, “Our puppies are hot—help us keep them cool with your $10 donation.”  Northwesters dub …

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Five Reasons to Be Sustainable—Besides the Money

When you are sustainable:

1. You decide if you want to do business with a demanding donor or customer.

2. Mission come first. Money for money sake is a detour you forgo.

3. Its like flying first class. Along the way you get more water, food, space, and service. Just like everyone else on the plane, you arrive, but you feel much better during and after the journey.

4. You’re more attractive. More people will want to join your cause.…

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How to Be a Fabulous Development Director

IMG_02661. Be a Self-Starter

What does this mean?

  • When the board (or someone else you need) won’t help, find another way.
  • Treat your time as your most valuable asset. Set a goal for what you will do in the next 90 minutes. Beat the clock.
  • Use butt glue when necessary. Don’t leave your chair. Don’t check your messages. Don’t answer your phone. Don’t fidget with your pens. Make the call.
  • Learn to recognize and handle your fear. Hint: You’re scared
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How to Match Your Needs With Your Income Opportunities

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At a nonprofit that serves the homeless, it’s Chris’ job to grow new nonprofit revenue. When he examines the opportunities his nonprofit can offer and the needs he’s trying to solve, he’s puzzled about how to proceed. “Who is most likely to fund each need?” he asks. “How can I determine whether to ask for a donation, request

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