Three Smart Questions to Ask Development Candidates in Interviews: Added Value Video

Getting ready to hire development staff? Here are three questions to ask in your interviews to help you identify the best candidates. (1)

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Ruined by Success? The Danger of Windfalls

The Young Parent’s Group won a grant of $50,000 to launch their program. It was a significant step forward and,  it almost did them in.

The nonprofit that served seniors received a bequest, from a senior woman no one knew, for $250,000. It was terrific, and it nearly ruined them.

Almost every nonprofit over time will receive one or more windfalls. At successful nonprofits, these windfalls create grand celebrations. But after celebrating and investing the funds to further the mission, …

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Give, Get, or Grow a Hero: Toward a New Vision for Your Nonprofit Board

You’ve heard it said that board members should give, get, or get off. What if we, as nonprofit leaders, offered a better, third option?

The expression, of course, means that board member should give their own money, help the nonprofit to get money, or depart the board. I don’t have a problem with the give or get part. It’s the “get off” always rubs me the wrong way.

Don’t misunderstand my discomfort. Board members must give. Boards need to help …

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Surviving and Thriving The Anxiety Causing Grant Panel Review

The room is dark except for a projection screen that displays a slide outlining your proposal. Fourteen people sit at a conference table: eleven-panel members and three staff. The leader calls the name of your organization. You stand and move forward. At the podium, you introduce yourself. An icon on the screen flashes, “Questions. Questions. Questions.” The panel members shoot. And, you field a dozen questions (seems like more!) about your 63-page application, your reports from last year and anything …

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Watch: How to Boost Employee Morale with Philanthropy Without Spending a Dime More

You’re not alone in the battle to attract and keep talent. How can you differentiate yourself and standout from your competitors? Practical business philanthropy.

Watch this quick video to hear three ideas that you can use to boost your employees morale.

And, to explore employee engagement opportunities I want to point you to this post: “Should You Say Yes? Five Criteria to Build Into Events Before Volunteering Your Employees.”

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Better Than a T-shirt: Can You Earn Funds With One of These Eight Ideas?

On my a trip to London, I experienced the following income generating ideas in practice. Read further to learn about current trends and opportunities that your nonprofit can copy or enhance to increase your revenue and fundraising.

1. Start With Planned Giving. When I arrived in the National Gallery’s lecture hall, a slide on the screen did not confirm the lecture’s name or offer a welcome. Instead, it invited participants to remember the Gallery in their will.

2. Not Always

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The Top Ten Things Your Donor Needs to Hear From You

1. Thank you.
2. We see you as more than a just as a fat wallet.
3. We want to help you to achieve your hopes and dreams.
4. We are interested in what you want but also what the nonprofits needs. We will work to find ways to honor both needs in our relationship.
5. We will not take advantage of our relationship with you. This non-profit is worthy of your trust.
6. We respect you.
7. We will …

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Establish Board Boundaries, Get your Life Back and How to Start Board Office Hours

Why do your board members call you evenings and weekends? Step into their lives for a minute. Since most board members work, it’s natural for them to focus on their volunteer activities during non-working hours. If people call you regularly on weekends and evenings, for non-emergency matters, it’s because you’ve failed to set healthy professional boundaries.

Yes, the board’s your boss. You want to be available, but not at the cost of your life balance. Your downtime improves your health. …

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Finding High ROI Sponsorship Opportunities: Questions to Ask to Find Your Best Matches

Where is the best place to invest your sponsorship dollars? It depends of course on your goals. Sponsorships work best for brand promotion, opening doors, initiating conversations, and warming relationships, not closing sales. So, ROI on event sponsorship is not so much about the event as it is about who will attend.*

To obtain sponsorship ROI, be clear about your intended audience. Who do you want to reach? Then, prioritize sponsorships with events that most match your goals. Here are …

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Lasso the Future: Moving Your Noncommittal Board Candidates Off the Fence

Today’s the day. You plan to ask a candidate whom you’ve vetted and wooed for months to serve on your board. You plan what to say if they answer yes or no. But how will you respond if they tell you, “I want to think about it?” How will you graciously allow think-time but avoid holding open space for them “just in case,” while the candidate slowly disappears off your radar screen?

You pursued this candidate for what they can …

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