Karen’s Member Motivation Continuum

Membership MotivationAbove is Karen’s Member Motivation Continuum. Use it to explore your membership program. The Continuum identifies five different membership motivations. From left to right, member motivation moves from intrinsic, coming from inside the member, to extrinsic, coming from external motivation. The later includes the use of tools such as peer pressure and gifts. You members may be motivated by one or more of the motivations pictured.

Use the tool answers questions such as–

  • Why do most people join your current
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Mastering Self-Motivation, Help Your Nonprofit Reach Your Wildest Dream

Mastering Self-Motivation, Help Your Nonprofit Reach Your Wildest Dream

Self-motivation, the ability to cajole yourself into doing your most important priorities, is an incredibly valuable tool in your nonprofit success toolkit. When we stop to think, we recognize that what keeps us from doing our priorities is not urgent matters, but a willpower shortage. We need more willpower because most priorities require us to step outside our comfort zone. Without willpower, any excuse will do.

A friend recently told me …

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Partnership Waters

140 Characters Is Not Enough: Comments on a Recent Tweet

To test the partnership waters at your #nonprofit, take small concrete step.

The most important aspect of any partnership is the ability of the two partners to work together. No matter how much you like each other, if you cannot work together on a small task, no matter how grand the potential or how good it looks on paper, an illustrious partnership is doomed.

In partnerships, test the water …

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Preventing Board Challenges

What has been your biggest challenge?” I asked a retiring CEO.

“The Board,” he said, without hesitation. “Isn’t that true for everyone?”

Board challenges are all too common in nonprofits. To reduce and avoid board challenges, take preventative steps. By doing so you can transform your biggest challenge into one of your greatest strengths. While boards that provide tremendous help are too infrequent, they are possible. You find them at successful nonprofits.

What steps can you take to prevent board …

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