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Competitive Opportunities – Who Gets Funded?

Your key to success in getting funded starts with how you go about applying for grants. Simply put, focus on the areas under your control. Over time, this approach will give you the best results. Here are four places to start:

The above factors are the ones where you have most control. Some factors you may or may not be able to influence, including:

Given human nature, when these factors work in your favor, you will celebrate your success. When they work against you, you might moan and complain you were treated unfairly. If factors like these affect you negatively, consider their validity and, if valid, take action. You can improve or clarify your case or find another donor. As a long-term player, you will almost never appeal a funding decision-better to wait until the next round and try again with your new knowledge.

If you wish to be among those who get funded, you need to apply for funds where you application is most appropriate, seek warm relationships with donors, grow your organization’s credibility and write a strong case. Over time, the people who use these techniques, consistently, put themselves in the best competitive standing and maximize their funding.

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