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How to Be More Successful with Your Brainstorming

We know how to run because we’ve all been running since childhood. But when we watch the Olympic and Marathon runners, most of us acknowledge that we can still learn a lot about running. With new knowledge and practice, our running can improve. Brainstorming is like running. We all know how to brainstorm, because we’ve been brainstorming for years. Yet, did you ever wonder why some groups come up with two-dozen creative ideas and others just rehash old ones? The difference is knowledge and practice. Use the following list of successful brainstorming techniques to practice your skills. Why practice? Because good brainstorming generates the creative ideas you need to improve your organization and activities.

Brainstorming techniques:

How can you learn to use these skills? For groups who brainstorm often, focus on one skill to sharpen in each session. For other groups, before a brainstorming session, teach several of these skills and then encourage participants to practice them.

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