New Partnership Tool: Setting Expectations

Congratulations! You’re forming a new partnership. Here is a tool to help you and your partner set expectations for your work together. To use the tool: In advance of your first meeting (or at it) have each partner answer the questions. Share.

  1. What is the goal (or goals) of the partnership?
  2. Why is this goal important to my organization? Why should my board, staff, volunteers and donors support it?
  3. What measurable signs can we anticipate when we achieve the goal? That is, what will success look like? (Go beyond your first easy answer.)

  4. Estimate the time frame it will take to complete this goal.
  5. How many meeting and total hours do you anticipate?
  6. To make the goals a reality, who needs to be part of the partnership? Are we missing any key people? If so, whom? Do they share the goals above?
  7. How will we reward people for success? Are there any rewards for failure that need removal?
  8. I will take the following actions to develop or enhance trust in this partnership:
  9. The following are three signs of my organizations commitment to this partnership:

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