Mission & Vision

Vision: Our vision is to help customers fulfill their visions by blocking up roadblocks between them and their goals.

Mission: Karen Eber Davis Consulting is on a mission to help leaders generate the ideas, resources, and funding they need to fulfill their visions in creative, effective and, whenever possible, brilliant ways.

Giving Back: We support special initiatives in the community, abroad, and with our customers. Our focus is on growing cross-community connections. Giving back includes a combination of donations and pro-bono work.

For example, in 2016 we supported Sarasota Leadership Alumni Program. Graduates of Leadership Sarasota County strive to have their members remain engaged in the program and the community. Our support helped the alumni move from offering one luncheon a year to a series of events to gather alumni, support community engagement, and the program.

We’re interested in opportunities to help businesses fully engage with causes to benefit the business, the community, and nonprofit organizations. Please contact us with your ideas.