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Watch: Get Better ROI, Three Questions to Ask Before You Commit to Sponsorships

Whenever you are approached to sponsor an event ask these three questions. The answers will improve and enhance your ROI.

To explore sponsorship’s before, during and after opportunities, I want to point you to this post, “New Twists on Practical Business Sponsorships: How to Make Your Sponsorships This Year.

In the post, you will learn:

  • Why you want to draft a customized introduction
  • How to tie your work to the day’s topic
  • How to end a sponsored events
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Practical Business Philanthropy Video: Effective Insider Perks Create Solutions, Make Friends, Achieve Distinction

Looking for an idea for current nonprofit customers and prospects to express your corporate philanthropy? Gather your best contacts and offer them all-star education experience that solves their challenges. Make the events one of the perks of working with you.
Watch this one-minute video. It shows the Barnes Dennig’s example. You’ll catch some of the benefits you can reap for the community, nonprofits, and your company.

Seeking to boost the impact of your philanthropy? Watch these other Practical Business Philanthropy …
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Video, Practical Business Philanthropy: A Man’s Best Friend

Connect Your Passion and Business Growth

Corporate philanthropy grows businesses. Do you agree?

Watch the one-and-a-half-minute video below for proof.

Last year, Michael Kline ( attended my presentation at Lakewood Ranch Business Alliance. Afterward, he jumped at the chance to help Southeastern Guide Dogs. Michael realized that he loved speaking in front of groups, something not all staff and volunteers enjoy.

Reaching out to companies allows Michael to help Southeastern Guide Dogs and his firm. He connects with …
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Hit a Home Run: Practical Business Philanthropy

Helping causes can help you sell more product and services. Do you agree?

 Watch this one-minute video for evidence:

It offers multi-layers of benefits including:


Everyone benefits when children read. To get a free game ticket, kids read three books and visit a Sarasota County librarian who stamps their scorecard. The first 100 eager readers score a free t-shirt. If you wear the T-shirt on game day, you get a free baseball cap–the equivalent of a Big League Reader

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Video: Practical Business Philanthropy and Your Website

Looking for a way to enhance your brand and share how you give back? 

Watch this short video (1.18 min.) for one example of practical business philanthropy.
Why does this exemplify practical business philanthropy?

It’s something you can

1. Repeat. To adapt this idea, pick your favorite nonprofits. Request permission to use their logo. Link to their preferred landing site.  

2. Prove. I recently surveyed twenty websites. Ten mention their philanthropic activities. Of these, about a third wrote in

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What Is Practical Corporate Social Responsibility? Here’s One Example

Giving to nonprofits is the best way you can spend marketing dollars. Do you agree? Watch this 42 second video with an corporate social responsibility example for proof:

Why does this exemplify practical corporate social responsibility? It’s:

1. Replicable. To adapt this idea, find out about your cause partner’s publications. This idea also works in annual reports and program brochures, etc.  

2. Stand-out. The magazine highlights the foundation’s work. BMO Financial shines as the sole corporate partner to have

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Nonprofits: Why Do Your Donors Give You Money?

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