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Video: Practical Business Philanthropy and Your Website

Looking for a way to enhance your brand and share how you give back? 

Watch this short video (1.18 min.) for one example of practical business philanthropy.
Why does this exemplify practical business philanthropy?

It’s something you can

1. Repeat. To adapt this idea, pick your favorite nonprofits. Request permission to use their logo. Link to their preferred landing site.  

2. Prove. I recently surveyed twenty websites. Ten mention their philanthropic activities. Of these, about a third wrote in

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What Is Practical Corporate Social Responsibility? Here’s One Example

Giving to nonprofits is the best way you can spend marketing dollars. Do you agree? Watch this 42 second video with an corporate social responsibility example for proof:

Why does this exemplify practical corporate social responsibility? It’s:

1. Replicable. To adapt this idea, find out about your cause partner’s publications. This idea also works in annual reports and program brochures, etc.  

2. Stand-out. The magazine highlights the foundation’s work. BMO Financial shines as the sole corporate partner to have

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Nonprofits: Why Do Your Donors Give You Money?

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