January 14th, 2004
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SARASOTA – Local organizations in Charlotte, Sarasota and Manatee counties funded more than $56 million dollars in grants during their past funding cycles, according to Karen Eber Davis Consulting. These grant sources and the organizations that received the funds can be found in the new, fifth edition of Local Sources available via the web for $95. In addition, this authoritative resource guides nonprofits in targeting the most promising sources for grant funding.

Of the funding provided, 87 foundations provided more than 54 percent of the grants. Many of the gifts, though not all, stayed in the community and helped nonprofit organizations provide vital programming. Around 37 percent of funds came from governments (20 funders) and 9 percent came from other groups (i.e., United Way and associations that raise money for nonprofits).

“With more than 100 local sources and multiple thousands of state and national sources, nonprofits spend a lot of time compiling information from different places and deciding where to apply for funds,” said Davis. “Local Sources offers nonprofits an opportunity to compare and contrast local funders in one place and to identify the best potential funders for their causes.”

Local Sources includes essential details like contact names, funder interests and guidelines, deadlines, application requirements, board members and grants awarded. To be included in Local Sources, these funders generally make local decisions, have local offices, offer local funding, fund multiple organizations and in the case of foundations, own assets that exceed $250,000.

Local Sources is available for $95. For more information on purchasing Local Sources email, write or call Davis at info@kedconsult.com, P.O. Box 15464, Sarasota, FL 34277 or 924-4860.

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