Do Your Sponsorships Hold Ground?

thHave you ever been in a boat anchored during a squall? If so, you know how important it is to hold your ground so you don’t end up on the beach, on the rocks, or tangled in another boat’s bow.  Sponsorships are like this. You invest because you want your message to hold ground. That is, you want the people who hear about you to remember you-after the event–in the squall of information they encounter each day.

How might you use your sponsorship to secure ground? Adapt this three-step process:

1. Before the event:
-Consider how the event can be linked to your other marketing and branding.
-Request a list of attendee’s names. Review it for key contacts.
-Ask the event organizers for one or two introductions.
-Plan for the event activities with your staff, i.e., divide the room into quadrants.
-Develop post-event activities.
 2. During the event:
-Be a host.
-Reach out to meet people and learn needs.
-Where appropriate, gather contact information. Establish next steps.
3. After the event:
-Execute the post event plan.
-Ask if any additional ideas surfaced to enhance your branding or marketing.
-Evaluate the experience.
-Decide on your next campaign.

Of course, adjust your process to your circumstances and the event’s parameters. In any case, with a little know-how and effort, you can hold more ground.  Email me to learn even more about super anchoring processes.

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