Hit a Home Run: Practical Business Philanthropy

Helping causes can help you sell more product and services. Do you agree?

 Watch this one-minute video for evidence:

It offers multi-layers of benefits including:


Everyone benefits when children read. To get a free game ticket, kids read three books and visit a Sarasota County librarian who stamps their scorecard. The first 100 eager readers score a free t-shirt. If you wear the T-shirt on game day, you get a free baseball cap–the equivalent of a Big League Reader home run.  

Oriole Benefits Now

The Oriole’s forgo $19 in ticket revenue per child (ages 6-18) to increase adult attendance, grow refreshment sales, and give local youth the thrill of live baseball. The Orioles balance the loss of income by selling tickets to adults and friends who accompany the children.

Oriole Benefits Later

The program plants seeds that nurture life-long Oriole fans. Data collected by the Red Sox found that individuals who attend games as children are almost three times as likely than others to become super fans or at least buy tickets several times a year. What’s the value of these future sales? A lot. Currently, the average cost for two people to attend a game is over $75.

County Benefits Now and Later

How does the County benefit? For the County, it’s a double hitter; more current and soon-to-be voters step inside libraries and the stadium gate.

Brand Enhancement

Both the County and the Oriole’s enhance their brands. Stacey Palmer, the editor of the Chronicle of Philanthropy, said, “Teams really depend on community goodwill and part of how you get that is to give back.” Visualize sitting in the stadium when the announcer shares the number of books read and the kids and their parents cheer.

How can you capture the best concepts of the Big League Reader Program in your practical business philanthropy? Explore your underused asset, such as event seats. How can you use these or similar items to help the community and connect with your potential customers?    

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