Practical Business Philanthropy and Your Website

Looking for a way to enhance your brand and share how you give back? 

Watch this short video (1.18 min.) for one example of practical business philanthropy.
Why does this exemplify practical business philanthropy?

It’s something you can

1. Repeat. To adapt this idea, pick your favorite nonprofits. Request permission to use their logo. Link to their preferred landing site.  

2. Prove. I recently surveyed twenty websites. Ten mention their philanthropic activities. Of these, about a third wrote in vague general terms, i.e., “We support important community causes.” Vagueness triggers skepticism. Logos and links substantiate your community CSR activities.

3. Measure. Use analytics to measure your impact. Which causes generate the most interest? Links will help you to know. 

4. Do to Lead. Your generosity can inspire other’s generosity. Your endorsements help others to find nonprofits. They share your values. CEO’s report that their gifts lead customers, vendors, and employees to donate.

An insurance executive shared that a family acquaintance made a seven-figure gift to a nonprofit supported by his firm. Closing the gift reflects the skill of the nonprofit. But getting the nonprofit on the donor’s radar screen? That was the result of the company’s donation and promotion.  

Do you want to strengthen your brand? Demonstrate practical business philanthropy. Use logos and links to the causes you support on your digital media.  Watch others follow your lead.

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