What Is Practical Corporate Social Responsibility? Here’s One Example

Giving to nonprofits is the best way you can spend marketing dollars. Do you agree? Watch this 42 second video with an corporate social responsibility example for proof:

Why does this exemplify practical corporate social responsibility? It’s:

1. Replicable. To adapt this idea, find out about your cause partner’s publications. This idea also works in annual reports and program brochures, etc.  

2. Stand-out. The magazine highlights the foundation’s work. BMO Financial shines as the sole corporate partner to have its own page. Seek similar space.

3. Content, Not Ad. Perhaps you’ve notice the growth of magazine infomercials, or what the New York Times called, “content confusion.” You read these articles assuming you’re reading content, until you notice the tiny print across the top the page that indicates an ad. No bait and switch here. This example is pure content.    

The Sarasota Memorial Hospital Foundation mails this publication to homes and businesses of existing and potential donors. Readers mentally link BMO Financial positively with the hospital–a cause important to everyone who lives and visits the area. While we all hope to never need a hospital, we all want a good one nearby. The cost of a similar full-page ad in a lifestyle magazine costs in excess of $2,500-and note, this is not an ad.

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