The Trifecta of Corporate Giving Business Philanthropy with Triple Wins

man holding two trophiesDynamic business philanthropy generates three wins.
1. One for you and your business,
2. A second for the nonprofit, and
3. A third for the community.

Wins for Your Business and You

Your gains include supporting a cause you endorse, solving a business problem such as improving your brand, and, inspiring your employees by giving them a new skill and enhancing their relationships with their peers. Want more wins? Get your customers jazzed about your philanthropy.

Wins for Nonprofits

Cash donations produce nonprofit wins. However, nonprofits need than money. Thrust your business philanthropic impact forward by sharing the nonprofit’s exemplary work with your colleagues. As a leader, your endorsement narrows options for associates seeking worthwhile causes. Over time, your contacts will join your philanthropic efforts, generating additional business and nonprofit wins.

Wins for Your Community

The litmus test for giving starts with will this: will this help? Does this action matter? Big picture, does your business philanthropy improve your community. Not mattering can be the dark underbelly of philanthropy. You’ve seen the stories about good intentions gone bad. You’ve, also, read stories and statistics about lives being changed. A recent economic impact study in Florida found that “The nonprofit arts and culture sector is a $241 million industry in Pinellas County-one that supports 7,211 full-time equivalent jobs and generates $29.8 million in local and state government revenue.”
business  arrow nonprofit arrow community
We rely on nonprofits to inform us about actions that matter because of their first-hand knowledge. Nonetheless, businesses leaders need to be cognizant of community impact to maximize their philanthropic investments.


The Business Philanthropy Trifecta, it starts with the business. Where is your business philanthropy creating wins? Where can you strengthen your results? To discover more, download, Can Philanthropy Actually Help Your Bottom Line?

Karen Eber Davis

Before founding her firm, Karen Eber Davis developed the Sarasota County Community Development Block Grant Program. Under her leadership, this infant program received the National Association of Counties National Affordable Housing Award for the Down Payment Assistance Program. To date, the program helped over 1,800 families realize their dreams of homeownership. She also worked with the City of Ft. Lauderdale and the Florida Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs, where she developed the division’s first audit program. In an earlier position at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Tampa, she organized senior, youth, and children groups plus family activities. Her youth staffing work with the Florida Synod of the Lutheran Church in America supported youth ministries in 120 congregations in Florida.