With So Many Grants Out There, Why Won’t “They” Fund Us?

The Top Five Reasons

1. No interest.

They care about conservation; you work with seniors.

2. No overlap.

They care about seniors in California; you serve seniors in Miami.

3. No bull’s eye.

They care about research for seniors; you provide seniors services.

4. No relationships.

They care about seniors in Miami; they don’t know you.

5. Insufficient value.

They care about seniors in Miami; the value you offer isn’t compelling.

Focus on grant opportunities in categories 4 and 5. They are the ones where you can partners with grant funders to obtain income.

With much work, the other grant sources may eventually fund you. However, most nonprofits fair better using that effort to obtain the six other sources of nonprofit income. See: Can Your Nonprofit Obtain More Income? The Seven Sources.