Entrepreneurial Nonprofit Leadership Solutions Circle

with nonprofit experts Karen Eber Davis and Gail Bower

You support your board.

You support your staff.

But who supports you?

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Being the CEO or executive director of a nonprofit is a challenging role. Thousands of decisions, large and small, are on your shoulders

Wouldn’t it be easier—and more fun—if you had a team on your side? Advisors to turn to for expert advice. Peers to consult to dig into the practicalities.

That’s what the Entrepreneurial Nonprofit Leadership Solutions Circle is all about.

Join an intimate group of nonprofit CEOs and executive directors for this interactive and educational professional development series with nonprofit experts Karen Eber Davis and Gail Bower.

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We’ll meet six times remotely, saving you hours of travel and added expense. Each session will be one part content and another part dialogue. Karen and Gail will get the conversation started with thought-provoking and actionable content, then facilitate, question, and provoke so that each person discovers the solutions they need that month. After the session, we’ll synthesize key insights and reinforce accountability. Plus you’ll receive unlimited access to Gail and Karen plus your peers for six-months for continued networking and support through a private channel.

Let’s get it solved. Together, we’ll tackle the toughest challenges you face as a nonprofit leader:

Session Content

  • Leadership: 5 Myths of Nonprofit Leadership and How to Be More Entrepreneurial
    • It’s not what we know that gets in the way of our leadership; it’s what we think we know that just ain’t so. What leadership myths deplete your success? This session will challenge you to reach your entrepreneurial potential.
  • Revenue: An Entrepreneurial Perspective on Nonprofit Revenue
    • Entrepreneurs see opportunities and act swiftly to seize them. Are you as entrepreneurial as you’d like to be? Could you be bolder at taking sound risks? No matter the revenue stream, let’s steer your decision making to a better bottom line.
  • Strategy: Executing the Sustainable Nonprofit Strategy
    • Too many nonprofit strategies focus more on the present than their vision for the future. In today’s marketplace where volatility is the new normal, leaders need strategic sprints to energize the marathon towards that vision. Set your sights on profitability, high mission impact, and streamlined execution. Where could you use fresh energy?
  • Board Engagement: Powering Up Your Board’s Engine
    • On average nonprofit boards operate at about 50 percent of their revenue growth capacity. What specific actions can you take to get your board to move into the fast lane?
  • Visibility: No Longer the Best Kept Secret: Secrets of Visible Nonprofit Brands
    • According to a Better Business Bureau report, 73 percent of respondents say it’s very important to trust a nonprofit before giving. However, only 19 percent of respondents actually trust you. Visible nonprofit brands have greater trust, more opportunities, and greater efficiencies. Let’s discover their secrets together.
  • Management: Managing Staff and You to Fulfill Your Mission
    • During the first session someone, we predict, will bemoan a lack of time, staff, or resources to blast through a barrier. Yes, nonprofits are under-resourced; nonetheless, entrepreneurial nonprofit leaders find a way. What solutions will you select to grow your nonprofit and enhance your career this year?

What do you get through the Entrepreneurial Nonprofit Leadership Solutions Circle?

  • Guaranteed participation in six guided and intimate discussions with your peers, nonprofit CEOs and executive directors from across the country.
  • A confidential and safe place to discuss the most challenging issues you face.
  • Solutions to your challenges vetted by peers and experts.
  • Content designed in part by you.
  • Recording of the content portion of the call to replay later. (Conversations will not be recorded to preserve confidentiality.)
  • Discover the newest thinking about the six topics above.
  • Peer networking through two private online forums: a private channel and the six live discussions.
  • Six-months’ access to two leading nonprofit experts.
  • Accountability check-ins, personalized for you, to keep you on track.

What’s in it for you?

  • Gain new insights and a fresh, more entrepreneurial mindset, blowing up what may have held you back in the past.
  • Validation of your experiences to support someone who is today where you were in the past and reinforce the leadership lessons your learned.
  • Meet new colleagues across the country and gain from their experiences.
  • Learn new ideas, techniques, and approaches to these topics.
  • Get your top questions answered.
  • Feel better supported and less lonely at the top of your organization.
  • Make dramatic progress on your goals.
  • Get better at taking risks, implementing new solutions, and seeing results.

Be a part of this group of your peers across the country.

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Meet Your Facilitators


Gail Bower

Nonprofit organizations hire Gail Bower as their revenue strategist. She works with clients to become self-sufficient by uncovering and developing reliable sources of earned revenue. Her clients have doubled, tripled, and quadrupled revenue within a year. And that’s just the first year. Trained as a futurist, Gail studies where society is headed and what trends may impact her clients’ businesses. She is the author of How to Jump-start Your Sponsorship Strategy in Tough Times, a frequent speaker, and media source. To learn more, visit GailBower.com.

Karen Eber Davis

For over 20 years, Karen Eber Davis has worked with leaders motivated by vision to discover pathways to revenue. She helps them raise millions every year. Her passion is helping leaders who lead from vision, not fear. Davis is known for her innovative practicality. Karen authored 7 Nonprofit Income Streams (2014) and is writing, Let’s Make a Million Dollars Together (2019), both tools for the new entrepreneurial leaders. To learn more visit, KEDConsult.com.

Session dates:

Next class details to be announced, Fall 2019 

All sessions begin at 11 a.m. EST


What to do next…

The Entrepreneurial Nonprofit Leadership Solutions Circle is designed to expand your entrepreneurial leadership skills. You are encouraged to:

  • Attend all the sessions.
  • Ask questions.
  • Make progress advancing your goals.
  • Participate in the discussions and share your experiences to support others.
  • Make changes this year with support from your peers and Gail and Karen.

Participation is very limited for this brand new program, so apply now.

Simply click on the Join Now button to direct you to the Entrepreneurial Nonprofit Leadership Solutions Circle application and payment screens. Once your application and payment are received, we’ll send you more details about our first session.

Fee: $1500  when you sign up by August 1, 2019

BONUS: The first 5 people to register will receive a free 1:1 coaching call anytime during the 6-month period with Karen Eber Davis or Gail Bower.

Late bird fee: $1750 after August 1, 2019 (if seats are still available)

Questions? Call Karen at 941-924-4860 or Gail at 215-922-6937.

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