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Our guests:
Grace Armstrong, Kathy Kingston, Laura Mikuska, Linda Popky, Tom Waters, Chad Barr, Doug Fleener, Jen Filla, Natalie Denesovych and Laura Mikuska,Victoria Bartlett and Catherine Mary Sullivan, Audrey Lanczki, Robbie Kellman Baxter, Gary Patterson, Emery Ivery, Marci Moore and Pam Williams, Dr. Terrie Temkin, Thomas Bakewell, Jane Howze

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Podcast #19 Jane S. Howze, Managing Director of the Alexander Group– an Executive Search Firm

Jane HowzeExecutive Search: Enhance Your Work By Creating a Great Team. What are the most important actions any CEO should do to manage their career? What are the key skills of successful leaders? How might CEO, chief development officer, and board chairs find out if they share “common development philosophies” that benefit income growth? In terms of succession, what specific actions can boards take now to prepare–even if it’s the first day of a new leader? And finally, when do you need an executive search firm? Based on decades of experience, Jane Alexander shares answer to these questions.(31:05)

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Podcast #18: Karen Eber Davis Interviews Thomas Bakewell, CEO Counsel and Confidante

Thomas_Bakewell_Headshot Are You Claiming Your Place at the Boardroom Table? What challenges do for for-profit and nonprofit boards share? As a board member, what do you need to know about your responsibilities and liabilities? Might board members have a career path? If so, what does it look like? What about compensation? For-profits pay their board members. Nonprofits expect their board members to donate money. Are nonprofits therefore handicapped when it comes to capturing good leadership? Tom Bakewell, author of Claiming Your Place at the Boardroom Table, answers these questions and more in this insightful podcast.(30:38)

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Podcast #17 Karen Eber Davis Interviews Dr. Terrie Temkin, CoreStrategies for Nonprofits, Inc.

Terrie 2010 Headshot Cropped

Take Aways from YOU and Your Nonprofit Board. After editing a book, written by almost 40 experts in nonprofit governance, what did Dr. Temkin learn? Where do the experts agree about nonprofit governance? Where do they diverge? And, before you go into your next board meeting, what one thing should you commit to do or remember? Dr. Terrie Temkin is an acknowledged thought leader in the areas of governance and board development and founding principal of the international consulting firm, CoreStrategies for Nonprofits, Inc. (25:00)

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Podcast #16 Karen Eber Davis Interviews, Marci Moore and Pam Williams, Nonprofit Finance Pros

Marci headshot - smallPam headshot - smallMoney vs. Mission. Do the two have to be in conflict? Is there another way? This podcast explores the critical relationship (because of the investment and the opportunities it provides) between a nonprofit CEO and CFO. What is it like when these two leaders synch their work and find ways to make more money and mission happen? Learn more about how these partnerships can shape, form, and inspire great nonprofits. My guests are Marci Moore and Pam Williams with the firm, the Nonprofit Finance Pros, renowned for their work helping nonprofit to find great Chief Financial Officers.(28:35)

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Podcast #15 Karen Eber Davis Interviews, Emery Ivery, United Way Suncoast

Emery Ivery

Can You Delight Your Donors and Supporters? You love your donors, supporters, and funders and want to promise them the moon, but do you promise them too much? In this podcast, Karen and Emery discuss how to develop informed donors with realistic expectations and find ways to establish realistic overhead costs. We also touch on the recent merger of two local United Ways. Emery Ivery is the Senior President of the United Way Suncoast. (22:25)

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Patterson NextPodcast #14 Karen Eber Davis Interviews The Fiscal Doctor, Gary Patterson

Is There a Doctor in the House? How to Ensure Your Nonprofit’s Fiscal Health. Few issues could be more important than your fiscal health. In this podcast, we talk to a resource you probably never knew was available, but during dark nights when you wonder if something is amiss in your nonprofit, you probably wish for a fiscal doctor. Today, we speak to Gary W. Patterson, The FiscalDoctor®, who has helped over 200 companies including nonprofit organizations that range in size from start-ups to Fortune 500 firms. Gary holds an MBA in Finance and Operations from Stanford, a BBA in Accounting from the University of Mississippi, and is a Big 4 CPA, and NSA speaker. (19:44)

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Podcast #13: Karen Eber Davis Interviews Marketing and Growth Strategy Expert, Robbie Kellman Baxter

Nonprofits, What Do You Have in Common with Netflix? Bobbie Kellman Baxter A lot! Learn more in this conversation with marketing and growth strategies expert, Robbie Kellman Baxter, president of Peninsula Strategies. You’ll learn how nonprofit organizations can use memberships to obtain reliable funding. Robbie is a leading expert on generating recurring revenue through membership-oriented business models. She brings over 15 years of strategic planning and marketing expertise to Peninsula Strategies. Current and past clients include Netflix, Yahoo!, PayCycle (Intuit) and SurveyMonkey as well as dozens of venture-backed startups. Robbie received her MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business and graduated with honors from Harvard College. (25:14)

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Audrey HeadShotPodcast #12 Karen Eber Davis Interviews Audrey Lanczki, President of Grafico Industries, Inc.

Is Direct Mail Dead or Very Much Alive? Learn how direct mail fits with all your other social media efforts, how you might get started if this is new territory plus tips for seasoned direct mail users. Audrey shares what she knows based on 34 years of successful direct mail fundraising. (19:47)

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VictoriaCatherine MaryPodcast #11: Karen Eber Davis Interviews Tax Managers, Victoria Bartlett and Catherine Mary Sullivan

Getting Comfortable with the Tax Impacts of Income. Do you or your board members worry about earning a profit in your non-profit? How can you earn income for mission and keep the IRS happy? Listen to this podcast with tax managers, Victoria Bartlett and Catherine Mary Sullivan from the firm of Gregory, Sharer & Stuart to learn more. (21:41)

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Podcast #10 Karen Eber Davis Interviews Events Specialists, Natalie Denesovych and Laura Mikuska

Denesovych, NatalieLaura

Special Event Nightmare Closet: How to Keep It Empty. Do you have a fundraising or other special event in your future? Learn from two special events consultants the best practices you can use to keep your special event nightmare closet empty. (16:56)

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Jen Filla

Podcast #9 Karen Eber Davis Interviews Jen Filla, Aspire Research Group

Prospect Research What You Need to Know? When You Need to Know It. Did you know that you are already doing prospect research? Listen to this podcast to learn when you’re doing it and how to do it better. Jen Filla shares how prospect research can help you close better donor gifts that don’t leave money on the table. (18:46)

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Podcast #8 Karen Eber Davis Interviews Doug Fleener, Dynamic Experiences Group, LLCDougFleener

Creating Brilliant Customer Experiences in Nonprofit Organizations. When does your customer experience begin and end? What three things can you do now to create immediate, positive impact on your customer’s experience? What are the two most critical times in a customer’s experience? Learn the answers to these questions and more in this podcast. (30:51)

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Podcast #7 Karen Eber Davis Interviews Chad Barr, Global Technology Leader

Leveraging Video to Capture the Hearts and Minds of Donors. If a picture can capture 1,000 words, imagine what a video can capture! Learn with us how to use a simple technique for less than $300 to capture the passion your donors feel for your organization and share it with others. (19:52)

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Podcast #6 Karen Eber Davis Interviews Planned Giving Specialist, Tom Waters

Tom WatersPlanned Giving, Don’t Use the D-Word. In planned giving, the right words are especially important. We are talking to donors we care about. We are talking to them about a sensitive matter–their deaths. We want to build relationships, yet we are afraid we may damage them, so we say nothing and our organizations pay the price. Tom Waters shares the right words for your planned giving conversations. (21:21)

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Podcast #5 Karen Eber Davis Interviews Marketing Expert Linda Popky LINDA_POPKY_9291w

How to Grow Your List of Supporters. Whom should non-profits consider adding to their mailing and friends’ lists? Are these two separate lists or one? How might a non-profit grow its lists? Whom do non-profits frequently forget? Listen to the answer to these and other questions as Karen Eber Davis interviews marketing consultant, Linda Popky. (24:32)

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Podcast #4 Karen Eber Davis and Laura Mikuska Discuss Low-Cost Employee Motivators

More Than A Pat On The Back, Low Cost-Low Work Employee Rewards. You don’t have a lot of money or other resources, but you do want your staff to know how much you appreciate them. In this podcast, Laura Mikuska and I share a dozen inexpensive and effective ways to help you show employees your gratitude. (24:32)

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Kingston, Kathy Podcast #3 Karen Eber Davis Interviews Auction Expert, Kathy Kingston

Can an auction help your organization to raise money? What items make the most? Learn the answer to these questions and more as Karen interviews Kathy Kingston. Kingston is a national leader in fundraising auctions, professional auctioneer, and consultant. Kingston, CAI, BAS has raised millions of dollars for non-profit organizations across the country for over 24 years, specializing in benefit auctions. Kingston was the recipient of the prestigious “Rose Award” from the National Auctioneers Association.(24:15)

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Podcast #2 Karen Eber Davis Interviews Grace Armstrong about the Nonprofit Leadership Center of Tampa Bay and Management Support Organizations

In this session, Karen learns how management support organizations help non-profit organizations. (10:27)

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Podcast #1: Grace Armstrong Interviews Karen Eber Davis about Time Management in Nonprofit Organizations

Grace Armstrong, CEO, NonProfit Leadership Center of Tampa Bay

Grace is the CEO of the Nonprofit Leadership Center of Tampa Bay. Grace has extensive experience in the non-profit sector. After obtaining her degree in Education from the University of South Florida, Grace worked with the Department of Children and Families as manager of contracts with various not for profit organizations. Subsequently, over the course of 20 years, Grace was the Executive Director for two non-profit organizations. During her tenure, she doubled the size of both organizations, expanded the boards, and increased the financial viability of the agencies. Grace has attended numerous leadership and advancement institutes during the course of her career including the Eckerd Leadership Development Program, the Charitable Giving Institute, and the Easter Seals Academy for Advancement.

In this session, Grace and Karen talk about how time management is different in non-profit organizations, about the L.O.A.D. time management system and Karen provides time management tips from her new Time Management for Non-profit Leaders booklet. (10:26)

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For additional nonprofit resources including over 200 articles about fundraising and income for nonprofits follow this link.

Laura Mikuska Interviews Karen Eber Davis on the Value of Partnerships (5:02)

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