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Added Value Video: How Can You Overcome Board Fundraising Pushback?

How Can You Overcome Board Fundraising Pushback?

When you ask your board’s for help, do you get resistance? Discover the three most common reasons for pushback. Your new insights will help you to turn resistance into energy growing revenue.

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Money or Board Diversity Do We Have to Choose?

Q: To diversify our boards, should we expect board members to participate on the same monetary level or make exceptions?   

The answer to this question requires some perspective, history, and strategic thinking. We start with the perspective.

What behind the soaring interest in diversity?

  • Facts: The US population is growing older, bigger and more diverse.
  • Studies: A 2017 BoardSource’s Leading with Intent report found that board diversity either stagnated or declined since 1994.
  • Experience: Scan the crowd at nonprofit leadership
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Three Fresh Approaches to Recruiting a Diverse Board, Don’t Round Up the Usual Suspects

Don't Round Up the Usual SuspectsIn the movie, Casablanca, corrupt Captain Renault, ensnared in Nazi-controlled Vichy France, needs to arrest someone. Instead of hand-cuffing the hero, he turns to his inferiors and instructs them to “round up the usual suspects.”

When we hunt for diverse board members, we often round up the usual suspects. These headline-makers are recognized, respected, and busy. The results often frustrate. Why? The usual suspects are usual because everyone else already thought of them first.

You want to diversify your …

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Grow A More Diverse Board, A Fresh Approach to Generating Greater Inclusion of Others

Increasing board diversity provides opportunities to grow revenue. Besides enhancing grant requests, diversity stimulates revenue growth. It generates:

  • Doors to new donors and income this year
  • Over time, better leadership that improves services and enhances branding which attracts both donors and customers
  • Most important, but hard to calculate the time frame, fresh ideas that solve challenges.

Since you’re aware of these and other benefits, in all likelihood, you’ve already invested significant efforts to diversify your board. It’s also likely that …

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