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Tweaking Employee Next Level Benefits | How to Create New Wins with Classic Philanthropic Approaches

As U.S. headlines turn to high employment, your interests turn to retaining your current employees. I’ve written a lot in this space about how corporate giving can help you keep top talent.

Today let’s zoom in on two common employee perks and how you might tweak them to:


Given my specialty helping organizations to blow-up roadblocks in the way …

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Surviving Lost Rudders: Is it Time to Upgrade, or Replace the Way You Get Resources?

One political cartoon after Barbara Bush’s death illustrated a sailboat named, The Bush Family. Near it, a detached rudder labeled Barbara Bush floated away.

This is not an article about politics.

It’s a post about the necessity of dealing with inspecting and if necessary, replacing, upgrading, and otherwise improving your nonprofit rudder.

The cartoon brought to mind two recent conversations with executive directors with rudder problems.

The first conversation was about a lost rudder. The organization’s founders convinced a local …

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Creating Effective Calls to Action: Added Value Video

At the end of almost every nonprofit communication, we appeal to our listeners and readers to take action. How can you make your calls to action compelling, so you gather more money and resources for your nonprofit?

If you have any advice on how to grow nonprofit resources and revenue, please leave a comment under this post to share them with others.

If you’re not already an Added Value Video subscriber, sign up for your own free subscription so

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How Your Board Can Help You Win Corporate Sponsorships

Board members help nonprofit organizations to earn corporate support in many ways. To develop and sustain corporate sponsorships, these three types of support are essential for boards leading successful organizations:

  1. Provide oversight and balance to protect the nonprofits long-term interest.
  2. Identify opportunities.
  3. Create connections that lead to and build relationships.

Here is an example of creating connections that lead to and builds relationships:

A film festival’s board includes some members with extensive home entertainment systems who favor a particular specialty …

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Communication Tactics to Make Your Business Philanthropy More Dynamic Save Time, Control the Flood, and Get More Results

It’s early in the New Year. For many readers, it’s time to set your CSR or corporate social responsibility strategy. One aspect to consider is how you’ll communicate your CSR to your customers, employees, and nonprofit partners.

What are your options? Here’s a list of tactics businesses use to share or not share philanthropic intent. They range from silence to full disclosure. Each offers benefits, drawbacks, and challenges.

  1. Private. Give anonymously, so privately that even your senior managers gain only
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New Twists on Practical Business Philanthropy, How to Make Your Sponsorships Standout This Year

At a recent meeting, Kevin Cooper, head of the Sarasota Chamber of Commerce, did a brilliant job of thanking his sponsor. In his remarks, he acknowledged the sponsor, and also cited how the sponsor exemplified the day’s topic. Similarly, when Lori Ruth, with the Observer Media Group, introduced me at a pro-bono speech in December, she based her comments on my in-depth bio and what she learned from interviewing me.

Both introductions differed significantly from the typical, mind-numbing, “Let’s all …

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Watch: Practical Business Philanthropy #6

In this video series, we’ve talked about partnering with nonprofits to create practical business philanthropy. This time, we look at public-private partnerships.

Here’s a video from around the world showing you a program where Toyota partnered with the New Zealand government to inspire children to become Toyota Kiwi Guardians and travel and get outside with their families.
The secret of the partnership’s success? Figuring out how to help both entities create the results they wanted, despite the fact that …
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Leading the Employee Give-Back Team to Victory Questions for Philanthropic Champions

You’ve been asked to lead an employee team to develop your firm’s corporate philanthropy. What are some issues to explore on your journey to a great outcome? Here are five of nine questions I recommend to shape your meetings and launch your philanthropy toward a greater return on your investments.

The questions are all “big picture” that explore effective philanthropy. Use them before you select specific activities and nonprofits to support. By answering them, you’ll establish infrastructure for long-term success …
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The Trifecta of Corporate Giving Business Philanthropy with Triple Wins

Dynamic business philanthropy generates three wins.
1. One for you and your business,
2. A second for the nonprofit, and
3. A third for the community.

Wins for Your Business and You

Your gains include supporting a cause you endorse, solving a business problem such as improving your brand, and, inspiring your employees by giving them a new skill and enhancing their relationships with their peers. Want more wins? Get your customers jazzed about your philanthropy.

Wins for Nonprofits

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