August 24, 2020
How to Deal with Difficult Partnerships

You always want more of them. In truth, a person or an organization can’t have too many.

Sometimes you think you found one. Later, you realize your mistake.

How to Deal with Difficult Partnerships What am I talking about?

Great partners.

Trustworthy partners make life easier. Great partners create results that launch you into orbit, exceeding your maximum high jump. Whether you work together for an hour or a lifetime, great things result.

Martine Meredith Collier, Executive Director, Arts Council of Hillsborough County, writing about our

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March 24, 2020
How to Handle It When the Bridge Your Nonprofit Needs is Out

Whether it’s the coronavirus, crickets, or conflict, sometimes the relationships you need to move your relationship forward go offline. What can you do to make the most of the situation?

For other nonprofit challenges:

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Watch, How to Deal with a Conversation Hog

Read, How to Deal with Difficult Nonprofit Partnerships

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Who Wants to Be a Partner? 25 First Moves

Are you looking for a place to begin? You plan to partner with another nonprofit, government agency, or for-profit company. Here are 25 first mini-projects to do together.

We developed this list to help the nonprofits we work with to expand their resources for mission. These activities can help you to expand your resources and explore potential relationships for fun and profit. You can do one or more of them. They all short-term. They allow you to “see how the …

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New Twists on Practical Business Philanthropy, How to Make Your Sponsorships Standout This Year

At a recent meeting, Kevin Cooper, head of the Sarasota Chamber of Commerce, did a brilliant job of thanking his sponsor. In his remarks, he acknowledged the sponsor, and also cited how the sponsor exemplified the day’s topic. Similarly, when Lori Ruth, with the Observer Media Group, introduced me at a pro-bono speech in December, she based her comments on my in-depth bio and what she learned from interviewing me.

Both introductions differed significantly from the typical, mind-numbing, “Let’s all …

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5 Paths To Superior Corporate Nonprofit Partnerships Without Spending a Dime More

Young stylish businessman touching virtual interface button. Pillar of transparent blue light. Future bio style interior on background. Interfaces collection.Here’s some of what I’ve learned helping my clients with this issue:

 1. Notice Now

What you’re doing now? Why do you say yes? Who do you say yes to? How much do you invest? What impact do you notice? What patterns do you see to continue?

  1. Mini Analysis to Gain Perspective

Divide your giving and nonprofit interactions, from last year, into three buckets:

The Love It Bucket

These gift were emotionally satisfying I love this cause.

The Dues Bucket

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Giving Back to Engage Employees

Portrait of several elegant employees sitting on chairs

Quick, name one huge benefit of giving back. Employee engagement. Engaged employees produce more, feel more positive about their work, learn, gain skills, and meet potential customers. If you struggle finding and keeping younger employees, add more community engagement to your work. Studies show that millennials, when choosing between two similar jobs, choose jobs with more giving back. How might you structure your giving back to create meaningful employee engagement? To start, consider these options:

Increase Their Value. Michael

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Giving Back: Master It

“Ah, mastery… what a profoundly satisfying feeling when one finally gets on top of a new set of skills… and then sees the light under the new door those skills can open, even as another door isIllustration of shaolin kung fu martial arts karate master in fighting stance on isolated background done in retro style. closing.” –Gail Sheehy

You have heard people complain that giving money away is difficult to do right. Despite the title, this short article will not make you a master at giving back. Instead, it gives you three excellent and reusable tools to …

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Improving Your Business Revenue With A Nonprofit Partner

From the April IMG_0412newsletter, The Link (between Non and For-Profits)

Great Potential
Discovering Nonprofits With Whom To Invest

Did you know that nonprofit partners can improve your bottom line? Finding them is akin to a college search. Only now instead of 4,500 choices, you have 1.5 million. Most businesses find it overwhelming. But by subtracting what won’t work with the three questions below, you’ll be ready to focus on a manageable handful.

Question One: Who provides what you value?

You …

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How to Obtain Resources and Income By Working With Your Chamber

You know, at least theoretically, that attending your chamber or other civic meetings is a good idea. You will meet other leaders, potential board members, catch-up with acquaintances, and often learn something from the program. Yet, with the press of other priorities, it’s hard to invest the time and energy in civic groups. How can you participate and maximize your investment in these meetings? Here is a plan that offers you the opportunity to attend, meet new people, and maintain …

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Four Steps to Corporate Dollars

Your Ingenious Nonprofit

June 2013

Extend a Government-funded Program with Corporate Dollars

What is the key to obtaining corporate support for your work? “It’s all about the leverage,” said Pam Nabors, President of Workforce Central Florida. Ms. Nabors was explaining that her former employer, Capital Workforce Partners in Hartford, used corporate dollars to fund services for more than 500 summer youth. Each youth was supported by a business scholarship of $1,000 to $1,600. In turn, Capital Workforce transformed this investment …

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