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How Can You Grow Your Nonprofit's Sponsorship Dollars

How Can You Grow Your Nonprofit’s Sponsorship Dollars?

You can find new sponsors, create more value, do less work and raise more dollars. Listen to this video to discover how to grow your sponsorship dollars.

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Using the Discovery Process for Better Sponsorships Shift Your Thinking to Increase Your Returns

Using the Discovery Process for Better Sponsorships

Shift Your Thinking to Increase Your Returns

Using the Discovery Process for Better Sponsorships Shift Your Thinking to Increase Your Returns“How are you, honey?” the voice said.   

Ah, I thought, a call from a loved one, but I didn’t recognize the voice. So, I asked, “Who is this?”

“Stop pulling my leg,” he said.

“No, really,” I said, “I don’t know who you are. How did you get this number?”

“The operator.”

“You have the wrong Karen Davis.”

“Ha! Very funny.”

“Sorry, you have the wrong number. You’re looking for a different Karen …

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Are You Event Rich and Relationship Poor?

Watch: Are You Event Rich and Relationship Poor?

Do your sponsorship opportunities leave you feeling event rich but relationship poor? Listen to this brief video to discover how to sponsor events and become event and relationship rich.

Click on video image to watch.

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Establishing Clear Sponsorship Value

Establishing Clear Sponsorship Value

Improve Your Returns on Sponsorships with this Simple Question

Establishing Clear Sponsorship ValueLast week, my friend John Collins, Executive Director of the St. Petersburg Arts Alliance, used a phrase that stuck with me. Our discussion addressed the abundance of growth opportunities that exist. People often share them, thinking that we should undertake them. He said that he’s been asking idea-bringers: “Does it come with a check?” Ever since his question stuck in my head.

I share this prospective ear-worm with you as a …

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Finding High ROI Sponsorship Opportunities: Questions to Ask to Find Your Best Matches

Where is the best place to invest your sponsorship dollars? It depends of course on your goals. Sponsorships work best for brand promotion, opening doors, initiating conversations, and warming relationships, not closing sales. So, ROI on event sponsorship is not so much about the event as it is about who will attend.*

To obtain sponsorship ROI, be clear about your intended audience. Who do you want to reach? Then, prioritize sponsorships with events that most match your goals. Here are …

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Can You Make Your Sponsorships Sticky Without Breaking a Sweat?

Smiling asian man in glasses pasted stickers over gray background. Looking at cameraA friend calls you to sponsor an event. Your firm has funded similar events. The date works. The price is reasonable. You value the cause. You like the friend. You’re happy to return a favor. The audience will include “your people,” that is staff, volunteers, and people in the audience whom you want to reach with your business message.

Yet you hesitate. You want to be strategic with your philanthropic-marketing. Should you say yes here? To give event sponsorship requests …

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