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Is Your Greatest Income Challenge What You Think It Is?

Is Your Greatest Income Challenge What You Think It Is?

Is Your Greatest Income Challenge What You Think It Is? Answer honestly. During the past week have you said or thought one of the following?

  • I’m so busy.
  • Things are hectic.
  • There’s too much to do.

You’re not alone. Time management is the number one challenge nonprofit leaders face. You wear many hats besides the one attached to your title. No matter your role, you support the mission and income growth. You charm and engage board members, donors, customers, volunteers, and newcomers.

Here’s the reason time management so critical. You …

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Added Value Video: How Can You Activate Meeting-Only Board Members?

How Can You Activate Meeting-Only Board Members?

Your board members are active at meetings, but otherwise uninspired to help with fun social media and easy fundraising tasks. List to this video to discover your next steps on this good-to-have-challenge.

If you have any advice on how to grow nonprofit resources and revenue, please leave a comment under this post to share them with others.

If you’re not already an Added Value Video subscriber, sign up for your own free subscription so you won’t miss out on future …

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Establish Board Boundaries, Get your Life Back and How to Start Board Office Hours

Why do your board members call you evenings and weekends? Step into their lives for a minute. Since most board members work, it’s natural for them to focus on their volunteer activities during non-working hours. If people call you regularly on weekends and evenings, for non-emergency matters, it’s because you’ve failed to set healthy professional boundaries.

Yes, the board’s your boss. You want to be available, but not at the cost of your life balance. Your downtime improves your health. …

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The Yearly Activity Review: How to Sacrifice Your Sacred Cows and Thrive

One of the trickiest activities nonprofit undertake is closing out existing activities. We hope things will get better. We shut our eyes and wish. Sometimes even to suggest a tweak to a declining program is treason. After all, it is easier, more fun, and exciting to add activities. Lots of adding means that most nonprofit do too much. To become the United States, the colonist gave up the monarchy. To grow, we sacrifice the finished.

Why Sacrificing Sacred Cows is
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Give Donors Time and Gain Donations

Lunch with green olives, bread and olive oil served with vintage book on old wooden table near window. See series“We’ve found thank-you lunches to be very effective,” explains Judith Mitchell, CEO of the Kravis Center for the Performing Arts in West Palm Beach, Florida. “The luncheons are only to build relationships.”

Stewardship is more than just saying thank you. It’s more than just cultivating the next gift. It’s inviting donors to be join your organization’s inner circle. This takes time and insight into what donors want, need, and value. To develop better relationships with your donors consider hosting stewardship …

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Give Up Busy this Season

 IMG_0338“I don’t know about you, but we seem to keep getting busier and busier,”- a CEO expressing what many of us suspect.

Our most universal vice is “busy.” At every gathering, when we’re asked, “How are you?” We think back to what’s been filling our calendar and what remains and state, “I’m so busy.” Most of us begin to commiserate.

Webster tells us busy is actively doing something or being full of activity or work.

Is busy good or bad? …

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Fighting Dirty: Prepare Yourself and Your Co-workers for the Inevitable

IMG_9501Or, What the Confederate Flag Can Teach Leaders




What accusations have they made about you? If you haven’t been accused of anything nasty yet, don‘t worry, you will be—it’s comes with the job.

Your mission can change the world. Your job is to create this change. Most changes will make someone uncomfortable. Some people don’t like any change. Some win if your mission fails. Others want you to take a different tact. Still others will think you’re …

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Do You Want Results? Embrace the Whole Process

IMG_9540We’re good at outcomes. We know what we want. It’s just that we want the result, the enchilada stuffing, but not the whole enchilada. What am I talking about? Our tendency to want the results, without the work.

Consider these three examples involving income growth:

Your organization wants to increase revenue. You’re unsure how, the time it will take, the effort required, or what you’ll need to invest. You’re uncertain about all these things. Yet you’re sure you want …

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What’s the Big Hairy Diff? Philanthropy, Development and Fundraising

From this morning’s  Added Value.
We use the words philanthropy, development, and fundraising interchangeably. Yet each has a very distinct meaning. Does it matter? Very much. Sloppy language decreases our ability to gain donated income and achieve our missions.

Words matter. Despite the childhood lie that only sticks and stone can hurt you, words can too. More importantly, the right words will help you tremendously.

Here’s a diagram. Post it on your bulletin board and use it to streamline

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How to Stop Saying Yeses You Regret

IMG_0190This is our latest edition of The Link: Between For-profits and Non-profits.

We have all had it happen to us. You receive an unexpected call. Or, someone catches you at the door, “Please, will you do this?” And we say yes. But afterwards we wish we’d said no. Business owners may be especially vulnerable to pop-up requests from people asking on behalf of nonprofit causes. After all, you like the requester and the cause well enough. And while the support …

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