Watch: Practical Business Philanthropy #6

In this video series, we’ve talked about partnering with nonprofits to create practical business philanthropy. This time, we look at public-private partnerships.

Here’s a video from around the world showing you a program where Toyota partnered with the New Zealand government to inspire children to become Toyota Kiwi Guardians and travel and get outside with their families.

The secret of the partnership’s success? Figuring out how to help both entities create the results they wanted, despite the fact that the partners had different reasons for wanting those results.
How can you use this? Look for partners, public and nonprofit, who benefit when you benefit. How might you work together to provide value to the community and each partner? Not always the most natural thing to figure out. Call me (941-924-4860) for help. For more Practical Business Philanthropy videos, follow this link.
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