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Board Rx

Troubled by the distance between your vision and your board’s engagement? Let’s close the gap.

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Have you ever publicly stated that you love your work yet privately added, “except for the board?”

You’re not alone. Unfortunately, challenging nonprofit boards are the rule, not the exception.

Whether your board’s a challenge because of one or multiple challenges, Board Rx is your prescription for nurturing it to health.

Board Rx identifies what keeps your board from fulfilling its responsibilities and creates a roadmap to health—whether, at your organization, better health means governing, giving, connecting you with community resources, or something else.

Board Rx is your opportunity to strengthen your board’s engagement in the critical services that only board members can do—governing and expanding your community’s reach.

When you invest in Board Rx, you no longer have to tackle your board challenges yourself. Karen partners with you (can be on the QT) to diagnose what’s keeping your board from health and move toward it so they can reach their potential—and you can sleep better at night. Board Rx changes boards from being a problem into an asset.

Turn Board Frustration into Board Power.

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With Board Rx You Get

An assessment of your board challenges and their root causes 

A session with your board to discover new possibilities and explore success habits.

Bragging Rights: What your board is doing right to magnify and celebrate

Resources and recommendations on opportunities in about 30 days

Consultation while you use the recommendations 

Evaluation tools to measure your progress

What our clients say about our board magic

Board RX


“Thank you so much. This was the most strategic and engaged the boards have ever been.” 


“The board now knows their job. They understand it includes fiduciary responsibilities. It’s not only about showing up at meetings or micromanaging the staff.”


“Karen gained the trust of the board. She listens well, communicates well, and kept us in the loop.”


“Karen is a deliberate, innovative, and insightful thought leader, which is so apparent in identifying issues and her approach to resolutions of those issues. I truly welcomed and appreciated Karen’s counsel and guidance in developing a model to improve the effectiveness of our board.”

Board Rx is your prescription to close the gap between the  vision & your board’s engagement.

Karen Eber Davis

To Start Board Rx

Tell Karen a little bit about your board and challenges.

  • Schedule a call with Karen
  • Answer a brief questionnaire
  • Have a confidential conversation with Karen
  • Gather needed materials
  • Begin program
To Start Board Rx- three staff members looking at a computer screen
Activities- a pin pushed into a calendar date


  • An assessment of your board’s strengths and weakness
  • Your customized Rx Board Health Prescription and Consultation (Include your board chair or a board champion if you’d like)
  • A post-consultation to review your progress and frame the next steps.
Supporting Resources a man and woman talking in a work setting

Supporting Resources

  • Success metrics

  • Teaching materials and board templates
  • Deadlines, timelines, and recommended accountabilities

  • Unlimited email

  • Unlimited review of board communications

Investment, 2 woman looking at a computer screen


The fee is $3,500 for the three-month program Board Rx opportunity, payable in full when you begin. Paying upfront guarantees that you have Karen’s full attention and time. To serve you well, Karen limits the number of people in Board Rx at any one time.

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Turn Board Frustration into Board Power.