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Your organization delivers solutions to our most difficult challenges. You improve lives. You solve challenges. You offer hope and optimism in a world of gloomy headlines. Despite your high value, achieving results isn’t easy. To create these impacts, you align your board, staff, donors, and others to advance toward your vision.

Advising and Mentoring

You do good work. You help the illiterate read. You place paintbrushes in frail seniors’ hands. You organize programs to solve pressing public problems. You do a myriad of things to make lives better. Despite its joys, not-for-profit work is hard, and it’s not for wimps.

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Whether it’s a seminar, workshop, or keynote, Karen helps you to create events that exceed your guest’s expectations. Karen delivers customized, interactive, and practical presentations leaving your guests energized and ready to implement what they’ve learned.

“Working with Karen is fantastic, easy, logical, and effective — it absolutely saved us time and money and helped us raise more than a million dollars. We’re still putting $300,000 to $400,000 in our budget each year thanks to her work.”


An Expert Shows You How to Build YOUR Culture of Philanthropy

Let's Raise Nonprofit Millions TogetherEveryone has a role in bringing revenue and resources to your organization. Let’s Raise Nonprofit Millions Together offers you a framework to inspire your board members, staff, and others who champion your not-for-profit to discover they can fundraise and actually enjoy it. Rally your team to raise remarkable revenue together.

Karen delivers . . .

Karen delivers customized, interactive, and practical presentations leaving your guests energized and ready to implement what they’ve learned. Here’s a behind the scenes look at a recent session, Stop Leaving Sponsorship Dollars on the Table with the St Petersburg Art Alliance.

The session was designed to help leaders bump up their sponsorship revenue. Listen to John Collins, Executive Director, as he talks about this sell-out event. Board member Susie Betzer called it, an “excellent presentation.” She was “amazed at the value of the fast-paced brainstorming groups.”

“I love working with Karen. She’s very good at discovering what it is that I need, and she has great instincts. The combination of the two offers amazing outcomes that exceed my expectations.”


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