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Karen Eber Davis helps business use philanthropy as a propulsion tool to grow their profits and performance. She offers a range of services to help businesses grow profits, productivity, plus improve the communities where they operate.

Expertise for Nonprofits

Grow Your Nonprofit’s Income and Resources. Seven types of nonprofit income exist. Have you fully explored all of them? As the leading authority on nonprofit revenue, Karen helps create dynamic partnerships, that make an extraordinary impact.

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Karen's video series is designed to answer your questions about best practice ways to find resources and revenue for your organization. Generate ideas, resources, and funding to fulfill your goals in creative, effective and brilliant ways.

"Working with Karen is fantastic, easy, logical, and effective — it absolutely saved us time and money and helped us raise over a million dollars."
Christine M. Smith


In this practical and persuasive new book, you will discover the seven streams of nonprofit income. Drawing on two decades of investigation and over 1,000 interviews with nonprofit leaders, in 7 Nonprofit Income Streams, Karen Eber Davis clarifies the confusing, competitive and messy garage world of nonprofit income.

Can Philanthropy Actually Help Your Bottom Line?

Awaken your thinking about corporate social responsibility (CSR) and business philanthropy. This e-book brief shows you how to generate greater performance and profits at your firm with strategic philanthropy. Discover how to improve your community, improve your profits and performance, and reach your philanthropic potential. This brief introduces you to the untapped power of strategic corporate social responsibility.

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Added Value, the newsletter, focuses on nonprofit income development, fundraising, and board development. In The Link you will discover the distinctive opportunities nonprofit and businesses share. Why choose between Karen’s newsletters when you can have both?

"I love working with Karen. She’s very good at discovering what it is that I need and she has great instincts. The combination of the two offers amazing outcomes that exceeds my expectations."
Jennifer Silva
  • How Can You Create Board Member Urgency About Fundraising?

    How Can You Create Board Member Urgency About Fundraising?

    How can you create an interest in fundraising when everything’s going well? Is your board telling you that you have everything handled and they don’t need to help? Listen to this video where you will learn how to create urgency to get your board of directors of off of the shoulder lane and into the... View ArticleRead More »
  • Nonprofit Career Moves – Should You Seek a Development or CEO Position?

    Nonprofit Career Moves – Should You Seek a Development or CEO Position?

    A client asked about potential career moves. She was toying with pursuing a development position vs. an executive director role. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? From my perspective, as an advisor and mentor to individuals in the philanthropic arena, here are the top benefits and drawbacks of each position.   CEO CEO... View ArticleRead More »
  • Should You Have a Nonprofit Board Give and Get?

    Should You Have a Nonprofit Board Give and Get?

    Listen to this video to hear the answers to the following essential questions: Across the industry what is the average nonprofit give or get? Why is board giving a must? Should you have an exact number that you expect board members to provide? Might you offer a range? What is a sacrificial gift? Moreover, what... View ArticleRead More »
  • How to Recruit Stellar Board Members

    How to Recruit Stellar Board Members

    Listen to this video to solve your board member recruitment challenges AND to establish a simple but effective system to generate a pipeline of prospects for your nonprofit organization. Discover how and why to create a PBM list. #33   If you have any advice on how to grow nonprofit resources and revenue, please leave... View ArticleRead More »
  • Recruiting Nonprofit Board Members: What Is the Most Important Characteristic to Seek?

    Recruiting Nonprofit Board Members: What Is the Most Important Characteristic to Seek?

    You’re recruiting board members. Which of the following represents the top trait to pursue? Candidates with high-net-worth who can make large donations, Individuals who know lots of people who will make lots of introductions, People who work well with others, or Something else. The Answer The answer is d. Something else. While having board members... View ArticleRead More »

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