Guiding Nonprofit CEOs and Executives with Vision to Grow Resources and Revenue

Advice, Consultation, and Mentoring

Since 1994, Karen Eber Davis Consulting has helped leaders grow their income, improve services, and their organizations. “People hire to increase their revenues by up to 300 percent, what they walk away with are strategies that improve their organizations forever.”

As a leading authority on income growth strategies and the dynamics of successful nonprofit, Karen guides leaders to generate the ideas, resources, and the income they need to so they can focus on doing their missions.

Typical engagements include assessments of strengths and opportunities, strengthening development staff alignment, creating dynamic board retreats, leadership coaching, developing cultural plans, and other extra-ordinary community-building needs.

Our advice fosters organization and individual excellence.

You will grow your skills and confidence during and after the engagement.


Our philosophy is simple:

We help nonprofit leaders with a vision to blow up roadblocks between where they are now and their goals.

Often one of the most challenging parts of your vision stems from limited funds and resources.

Karen’s success rests on helping you to identify your best options (there are always several) before creating a strategy, specific plans, and seeing them both help you to reach your potential.

We help you to develop the skills you need to obtain the resources to make your vision a reality.

Your strategy will guide you to make choices that lead to measurable success on your most important goals in a disciplined, thoughtful manner.

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