Karen's Strategic Plans

How They Move the Needle for Nonprofits

In the nonprofit world, many strategic plans fall short of expectations due to their 'one-size-fits-all' approach.

In contrast, Karen’s strategies propel nonprofits to a new level of influence and success.

These star nonprofits shine brighter, distinguishing themselves among their peers, so much so they get mentioned by sector leaders and looked at by nonprofit investors.

Star nonprofits, along with those on its trajectory, inhabit the prosperous lands of the unsolicited and windfall gift territory.

The territory is where your chances of receiving unexpected communication—an announcement that your nonprofit was selected to receive an unsolicited major gift or even a windfall—skyrocket.

Previously, nonprofit leaders believed in error that attracting unsolicited support depended on luck.

Yet, an intriguing pattern has emerged from studying the funds bestowed by Mackenzie Scott and others who give unsolicited major gifts and windfalls.

The evidence is clear.

Based on Karen’s growing database and analysis of these gifts recipients, including over a dozen clients who received them, it’s evident that these gifts are not solely a matter of luck.

They arise from five key activities, one of which is a dynamic strategy, like the ones Karen creates. These strategies show you–and nonprofit investor–how you’ll win even though no market solution exists for your mission work, and you’ll face intense competition for resources.

I’m over the moon. The Strategic Plan immediately opened doors and started conversations. The Plan’s robust and detailed. It prepared us for our NEH self-assessment and strengthened my board relationship and our pathway forward.



Karen's strategies are born out of a unique blend of:

A profound understanding of each nonprofit’s unique footprint

Extensive sector knowledge

Innovative solutions, leveraging talents and industry best practices, combined to surpass the competition.

Karen’s 10 x Strategic Planning

What's Different About Karen’s Strategic Planning?

  • Inspires unwavering confidence.
  • Provides clear direction and a distinct roadmap.  
  • Unites stakeholders in a shared purpose and direction.
  • Addresses persistent, often unspoken, challenges within organizations.
  • Raises aspirations with realistic and bold plans.
  • Streamlines decision-making organization-wide. 

The reaction to the Comprehensive Arts Strategy was, ‘Wow. It’s not only well-done, but it’s also really comprehensive.’ The Comprehensive Arts Strategy includes everything possible, prioritized. We listened to all of the good ideas in the community, organized them, added structure and leadership, and how to pay for it.


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