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Mentor Program

Mentor Program for Individuals

At the beginning of this six-month program, you and I will reach a joint decision about whether this program will help you. If we agree, then you will be asked to provide appropriate background information that I will examine. You might, for example, provide your current plan, draft materials, outlines, or other materials. Together, with this in hand, we will set specific goals for our time. This program is to help you meet your professional and personal goals. It’s so powerful many folks sign up more than one-time.

For example, the Director of Community Relations & Resource Development at the Early Learning Coalition of Orange County participated in the mentoring program. In six months, she helped the Coalition to increase its gala income by 25 percent and move a program that had never generated revenue from zero to over $30,000. Moreover, the Director helped the Coalition to receive its first multi-year pledges. She said, “Working with Karen assists me to focus on our priorities. Karen quickly helped me hone in on options, get programs underway, and successfully close a number multi-year commitments plus increase the revenue on our gala.”

Other examples of mentoring results include helping individuals with the following goals:

  • An individual who wanted to streamline a $100,000 sponsorship program that was taking more and more time every year
  • A nonprofit CEO who sought to engage her board and establishing a better system to grow donated income
  • An executive director who wanted to obtain fifteen items on her wish list. We knocked out twenty.
  • Helped a founder to develop a set of income streams to fund his fledgling nonprofit, now celebrating its seventh anniversary
  • Supported a staff member to successfully transition from wearing a staff hat to the CEO seat

The Mentor Program for Individuals advances your efforts by guiding you in:

  • Identifying open or promising market niches
  • Assessing your competitors and connecting with new partners
  • Positioning yourself to take advantage of opportunities
  • Developing the capacity of your nonprofit
  • Working with your board
  • Identifying essential information to get unstuck
  • Helping you invest your time in the most productive activities
  • Growing as a leader to achieve a more balanced, more productive life

I assist you by ferreting out the precise resources you need and giving you practical advice to use today. You don’t need to re-invent the wheel, but you do need to find ones that fit your needs. The program is a six-month opportunity for individuals to improve their work-life balance and be more productive. The fee provides the mentee with access to me during the six-months by email, telephone, text, and snail mail. Mentees may need to call daily, weekly or monthly. Or, as mutually convenient, we can meet one-on-one as well. Mentees choose the method and frequency. I respond to communications within 48 hours.

Because of Karen advice, I immediately sent a personal thank you to a donor who gave us $7,500. When I ran into her over the weekend—she said I was the only one who contacted her out of all the many organizations she funded.

Kathleen M. Tunney, MS

President, Associates for Human Services, Inc., Inc.

During a mentor session, an executive director of a grassroots nonprofit organization accomplished the following. His goal was to help his group access to income. During his experience, he

  • Identified fifteen perfect donors and grant sources
  • Brainstormed matching projects to appeal to each source
  • Completed and submitted two proposals with detailed project budgets for two donors
  • Followed-up with the donors to answer additional questions and hosted a site visit
  • Grew annual income by 25 percent.

With my help, you can get what lies ahead of you into practical, actionable steps. The fee is $3,500, payable in full when you begin the process — paying upfront guarantees that you have my full attention and time. Although the cost is nonrefundable, you may wish to “halt the calendar” once during the session until you are ready to begin again. To serve you well, I limit the number of people whom I mentor at any one time. Many people continue beyond one session. If you re-enroll, you receive a $500 fee reduction.

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The best part of working with you as a mentor was using you as a Lifeline—like in Who Wants to be Millionaire. I got a lot of helpful, reliable, constructive, and objective feedback. It was a huge confidence assist. It saved me lots of time and sometimes sanity. We covered a lot of ground.

Jedediah Shoemaker

Associate Director
Sarasota Film Festival