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Let’s Make a Million Together

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Grow professionally. Grow with others. Grow income.

Ever want to ask someone about the next step with a donor? Enlist a board member’s help? Ease off the event treadmill? Do you wonder how others solve these and other challenges? Looking for a safe place to ask questions?

Join Let’s Make a Million Together. This dynamic, experienced-based program will help you answer these questions and more. For some time, I’ve noticed a need for an ongoing group to help those seeking to grow donated income composed of people eager to make a leap forward in their skills. This program will help people, like you, who will lead the sector to its greatest achievements in the next decade. Over the years, I’ve provided a variety of offerings and learning opportunities. This personal and professional opportunity is the first ongoing opportunity to grow your skills within a small group.

I’ve consulted for two and a half decades on income growth with hundreds of CEOs, board members, and development directors. I’ve learned preferences and needs. I’ve studied what others who run strong programs and excellent long-term donor relationships. The goal of this experience is to form a group that helps to achieve more and make new money better. Will we make a million together? It will be up to the group to help each other do so.

We’ll focus on a great many things, including:

  • Dramatic, short-term activities to grow donations
  • Building a strong team in your shop
  • Passive income from bequests
  • Decreasing labor intensity to create better balance
  • Generating board, staff, volunteer fundraising help
  • Establishing agendas so you leave the room with more than you entered
  • Creating testimonials that open doors
  • Developing processes to use over and over again.

We’ll discuss your real-life questions, such as:

  • I’m the new to this organization, how might I connect with our donors who aren’t returning my calls?
  • How do I get my task force on fundraising to actually contact people, not just offer advice?
  • How do we get off of the event treadmill?
  • How often is too often to contact a donor?
  • How do I ride the latest quick-fix fundraising craze such as Ice Bucket Challenges, Give Days, and Kickstarter?
  • What’s the best way to engage local business support?
  • How can we avoid being held hostage by a donor?

Imagine you’re developing a new campaign to reach donors. Everyone loves it, but you’re not sure. It seems a little too pushy, too salesy. You ask the group to advise you, people, who face the same pressure as you do to perform miracles. With their help, you’ll make insightful tweaks, work the campaign, and celebrate your success.

Fundraising is a team support. You’re tasked with leading your board, co-workers, and volunteers in the effort. Now, you can enjoy the help of your peers to overcome your challenges—and theirs. You are a competent fundraiser. You recognize that you can use the support of a team to up your game and benefit your mission.

Length of program

This program includes six months of online peer meetings (one meeting per month with times to customized by the group, post enrollment.) You’ll receive feedback and give reviews of your peers’ drafts. The assignments will come from your to-do list, so you’ll be making progress on your projects. Sessions will be recorded. A major part of this opportunity is learning by listening, analyzing, and sharing. You can renew for another six months at a discounted price.

Let’s Make a Million Together Guidelines

  1. Twelve people maximum in any given group, though groups may have fewer.
  2. Six distinctive interactive video group conference meeting, with free downloads.
  3. In between assignments, reviewed by your peers.
  4. Templates and handouts to speed your work.
  5. A five-hundred-dollar discount of my individual mentor program.

Anticipated Questions:

  1. What are the payment guidelines?
    A. You can pay by here or mail a check. Your spot is reserved when your payment or purchase order is received. There are no cancellations for any circumstances. You cannot “freeze” your participation.
  2. What happens if I can’t make all the meetings or calls?
    A. I anticipate that a few people won’t make every call, but most people will make most meetings. To succeed, we need quality and personal growth. Just as with donors, it not always quantity that creates success. You can catch up with the free downloads.
  3. Will I have any say about who joins the group?
    A. Yes, please recommend people.
  4. You’ve listed maximums, but is there a minimum for a group?
    A. Yes, the minimum is four people. When four people (or more) come together and form a small group, they create a dynamic force.
  5. How much time will it take to complete the assignments/
  6. It will vary. Each task is designed to help you make progress on something on your desk already (or should be on your desk.) With Let’s Make a Million Together you’ll complete tasks on your personal drawing board and get help to make them sing.

Your investment:

$2,000 ($1,500, if you register before August 1, 2017.)


If you learn just one useful idea that helps you close a small gift of $5,000 and you repeat that idea one time a year during your career your return will be $100,000. If you learn something that engages your board members to actively help you your return will be much higher sooner. The goal, of course, is that you’ll turn the investment into something priceless, that is, learning you’ll use over a lifetime and money for your mission to zoom.

Register -$2,000

Mentor Program for Individuals

At the beginning of this six-month program, you and I will reach a joint decision about whether this program will help you. If we agree, then you will be asked to provide appropriate background information that I will examine. You might, for example, provide your current plan, draft materials, outlines, or other materials. Together, with this in hand, we will set specific goals for our time.

For example, the Director of Community Relations & Resource Development at the Early Learning Coalition of Orange County participated in the mentoring program. In six months, she helped the Coalition to increase its gala income by 25 percent and move a program that had never generated revenue from zero to over $30,000. Moreover, she helped the Coalition to receive its first multi-year pledges.

Other examples of mentoring results include helping individuals with the following goals:

  • A new nonprofit leader who wanted to create a series of income requests
  • A marketing specialist who wanted to create his own marketing firm
  • A woman who owned a business that provided a ton of in-kind benefits to nonprofits, but no ROI for her business.
  • A woman who started a consulting firm serving nonprofits
  • An executive director who wanted to obtain fifteen items on her wish list
  • A development director who wanted to see greater returns at special events and develop a giving society

You will find the Mentor Program for Individuals advances your strategies by guiding you in:

  • Identifying open or promising market niches
  • Assessing your competitors and potential collaborators
  • Positioning yourself to take advantage of opportunities
  • Identifying essential information to get unstuck
  • Helping you invest your time in the most productive activities

I assist you by ferreting out the precise resources you need. You don’t need to re-invent the wheel, but you do need to find ones that fit your needs.

An executive director of a grassroots nonprofit organization accomplished the following. His goal was to help his group access to income. During his experience, he

  • Identified fifteen perfect grant sources
  • Brainstormed different projects to appeal to donors
  • Completed and submitted two proposals with detailed project budgets
  • Followed-up with the donors to answer additional questions and hosted a site visit
  • Identified his next project
  • Obtained $15,000 and anticipated future funding on the second.

Another person, after obtaining their 501(c)(3) status sought help to develop a sustainable, viable nonprofit organization. She achieved the following:

  • Built a financial model
  • Began to pursue long-term financial solvency
  • Created a compelling three-sentence answer to the question, “What does your group do?”
  • Developed a low-cost marketing plan that recruited 20 volunteers and two donors
  • Created a mailing list and established means to grow it by 25 names per month
  • Moved from overwhelmed to organized

With my help, you can get what lies ahead of you into practical, actionable steps. The fee is $3,500, payable in full when you begin the process. Paying upfront guarantees that you have my full attention and time. Although the fee is nonrefundable, you may wish to “halt the calendar” until you are ready to begin again. To serve you well, I limit the number of people whom I mentor at any one time. Many people continue beyond one session. If you re-enroll, you receive a 10 percent fee reduction.

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“The best part of working with you as a mentor was using you as a Lifeline—like in Who Wants to be Millionaire. I got a lot of helpful, reliable, constructive, and objective feedback. It was a huge confidence assist. It saved me lots of time and sometimes sanity. We covered a lot of ground.”

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