A good consultant is like finding a good marriage partner if it’s hard; it’s not working. If it is working, it not hard. A good consultant doesn’t make you do all the work; they pick up their fair share. Karen is one of my three favorite consultants I’ve ever worked with, and I like obtaining consultants’ expertise.

Martine Meredith Collier
Executive Director
Arts Council of Hillsborough County

Not only is Karen a subject matter expert, but she also helped us formulate ideas, provided insights, and made herself available. Karen is passionate, helps get it done, and is a great resource to get you to the next point in your revenue diversity process. We have a ton of consulting relationships, Karen’s at the top.

Leonardo Alvarez
CareerSource Central Florida

Karen has an uncanny ability to convene nonprofit stakeholders–board members, donors, staff leadership, clients–and help them discover the common thread that galvanizes a fresh commitment to a mission they can all share. With a deep understanding and respect for each person’s point of view, she brings clarity to sticky situations and breaks through barriers that seem to be insurmountable.

Laura Breeze
The Education Foundation of Sarasota County

If you really break down what you are looking for in a consultant, it is someone who can listen well, who can correctly and effectively evaluate your situation and your needs, who can develop a plan that makes sense, execute on that plan-including connecting the dots and empowering the colleagues and supporters needed to put the plan into action, who can take all of the information and knowledge gathered and form it into ideas that capture their essence (whether it be the truth, ideas, action items), communicate those ideas effectively and then deliver an end product that is understandable, useful and helpful to the organization or the community it serves. In my experience, it is easy to find people who can do some of these things, and extraordinary to find someone, like Karen Eber Davis, who can do them all. She is the real deal. And excellent to work with.

Barbara St. Clair
Executive Director
Creative Pinellas

I highly recommend her. I appreciate Karen’s professionalism, knowledge, research, and planning. We got eye-opening feedback we never would have gotten on our own. Her understanding of our organization, donors, and income streams gave us confidence. We got high value. It was easy to work with her.

Sarah Pallone
Executive Director
Highland County Habitat for Humanity

Karen knows more ways for nonprofits to make money than anyone in the world.


Alan Weiss
Summit Consulting Group

 I’ve attended a lot of facilitated sessions by all kinds of professionals. What they did, didn’t hold a candle to Karen’s leadership.

Ted Puckorius 
Board Member
Habitat for Humanity

Karen does a great job finding out what an organization needs and then helping them go out and get it! Not only is she good at what she does, but she also makes her clients feel good about their missions, too. I highly recommend her for your next retreat, project, or re-organization. 

John Van Zandt
Island Real Estate

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