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The Salvation Army
Thinking outside the box…

Karen always helps us think outside the box and focus on what we can do and how to make it work.

Working with her is fantastic, easy, logical, and effective—it absolutely saved us time and money and helped us raise over a million dollars.

Christine M. SmithThe Salvation Army
Karen is the real deal…

If you really break down what you are looking for in a consultant, it is someone who can listen well, who can correctly and effectively evaluate your situation and your needs, who can develop a plan that makes sense, (more…)

Barbara St. Clair, Executive DirectorCreative Pinellas
Karen is one of my favorite consultants…

A good consultant is like finding a good marriage partner if it’s hard; it’s not working. If it is working, it not hard. A good consultant doesn’t make you do all the work; they pick up their fair share. Karen is one of my three favorite consultants I’ve ever worked with, and I like obtaining consultants’ expertise.

Martine Meredith Collier, Executive DirectorArts Council of Hillsborough County
Not only is Karen an expert…

Not only is Karen a subject matter expert, but she also helped us formulate ideas, provided insights, and made herself available. Karen is passionate, helps get it done, (more…)

Karen has an uncanny ability…

Karen has an uncanny ability to convene nonprofit stakeholders–board members, donors, staff leadership, clients–and help them discover the common thread that galvanizes a fresh commitment to a mission they can all share. (more…)

…didn’t hold a candle to Karen’s leadership.

I’ve attended a lot of facilitated sessions by all kinds of professionals. What they did, didn’t hold a candle to Karen’s leadership.

Ted Puckorius, Board MemberHabitat for Humanity
Karen’s good at what she does…

Karen does a great job finding out what an organization needs and then helping them go out and get it! Not only is she good at what she does, but she also makes her clients feel good about their missions, too. I highly recommend her for your next retreat, project, or re-organization.


John Van ZandtIsland Real Estate
St. Petersburg Downtown Partnership Logo
The reaction was “Wow”

The reaction to the Comprehensive Arts Strategy was, ‘Wow! It’s not only well-done, but it’s also really comprehensive.’ The Comprehensive Arts Strategy includes everything possible, prioritized. We listened to all of the good ideas in the community, organized them, added structure and leadership, and how to pay for it.

We got eye-opening feedback…

I highly recommend her. I appreciate Karen’s professionalism, knowledge, research, and planning. We got eye-opening feedback we never would have gotten on our own. Her understanding of our organization, donors, and income streams gave us confidence. We got high value. It was easy to work with her.

Sarah Pallone, Executive DirectorHighland County Habitat for Humanity

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