Your nonprofit delivers solutions to our most complex challenges.

You improve lives.

You offer hope and solutions in a world of gloomy headlines.

Despite your value, achieving results isn’t easy. You must align your board, staff, donors, and others to advance and keep moving toward your vision.

It’s a lot!

That’s where Karen Eber Davis Consulting steps in. Since 1994, Karen’s been guiding nonprofit leaders like you to sharpen their swords, grow more revenue, supporters, and mission and significantly increase their job satisfaction.

With her guidance, you can also gain clarity on sticky situations, break through insurmountable barriers and create a nonprofit you love to serve.

Nonprofit Services

Boards of Directors

Govern. Engage. Lead.

Karen works with nonprofits with board challenges from micromanagement to minimal engagement and more—so boards reach their potential, nonprofits get stronger, and CEOs thrive.

Karen did a beautiful job on the board retreat. She gained the trust of the board. Karen listens well, communicates well, and kept us in the loop. She is very organized. 

Martine Meredith Collier, Executive Director
Arts Council of Hillsborough County

Before the meeting, board members were emailing, calling, and texting me—even on the weekends. After the event, that stopped. The board now knows their job. They understand it includes fiduciary responsibilities. It’s not only about showing up at meetings or micromanaging the staff.

Sarah Pallone, Executive Director
Highland County Habitat for Humanity

Strategies and Plans

Listen. Synthesize. Innovate.

Karen creates strategies and plans based on high aspirations, your collective wisdom, solving intractable challenges and using windows of opportunities. Why? Strategies (and plans) gives you and those around you the confidence to act. You understand where you’re going and how you will get there.

Featured  Strategy Resources

The reaction to the Comprehensive Arts Strategy was, ‘Wow. It’s not only well-done, but it’s also really comprehensive.’ The Comprehensive Arts Strategy includes everything possible, prioritized. We listened to all of the good ideas in the community, organized them, added structure and leadership, and how to pay for it.

Jason Mathis, CEO
St. Petersburg Downtown Partnership

“I’m over the moon. The Strategic Plan immediately opened doors and started conversations. The Plan’s robust and detailed. It prepared us for our NEH self-assessment and strengthened my board relationship and our pathway forward.”


Nashid Madyun
Florida Humanities

CEO Challenges

Mentor. Coach. Guide.

You already know leading a nonprofit is tricky–including finding time to focus on the whole rather than what’s on fire. Karen offers customized coaching and advice to guide nonprofit leaders and their staff to get ahead of the game, create fail-proof processes, and maps to new destinations.

I recommend Karen to all those who are working on fundraising. Karen is a wonderful asset. She is capable of taking complex ideas and making them simple enough that all people can participate in fundraising. We believe that all agency members are fundraisers. Karen makes that true.

Major Ethan Frizzell
The Salvation Army

Karen’s mentoring has been extremely valuable. Our conversations always led to practical, applicable recommendations thanks to her gift of immediately generating great ideas. Working with Karen boosted my confidence and helped me think outside the box when approaching issues. Most importantly, our organization’s revenues increased by 84 percent over the same time last year.

Barbara Richards, President, CEO
Project 180

How to Get Started

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Achieve Success

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