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    Part 1: About Your Organization

  • Definitions

    Business Philanthropy: The process of taking business resources and investing them in philanthropy. The reason for making the investment can vary from pure self-interest to altruism.

    Cause: A nonprofit organization, charity, or organized effort to help others. For example, in a Practical Business Philanthropy video, the highlighted cause was the children reading library books. Causes aren’t limited to the work of nonprofit organizations.

    Corporate Social Responsibility: Research shows the consumers expect businesses to make money and help the community. The second responsibility, corporate social responsibility, or CSR, includes obligations to act outward, not just inward, as they operate. Key areas include meeting economic, legal, ethical, and philanthropic expectations. Fulfilling these obligations brings rewards, including increased profits. Failing to meet them triggers negative consequences.

    Philanthropy: The process of taking personal resources and using them for the good of others. You are philanthropic when you hold the door of the elevator for someone. Likewise, you are philanthropic when you donate money to a cause that improves people’s lives.