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Karen Eber Davis helps business use philanthropy as a propulsion tool to grow their profits and performance.  She is the author of two books and over 200 articles. Over her 20+ years as an adviser, she has personally trained thousands of leaders. You won’t find anyone else with as much expertise and hands-on experience as Karen. She offers a range of services to help businesses grow profits, productivity, plus improve the communities where they operate.

Whether you’re a new venture or third-generation institution, Karen can help you organize your messy, confusing, or perplexing challenges into logical, financial, and innovative results. We’re unique because we work with CEO’s to accelerate their giving back in ways that both give back to the community and their businesses. Choose from the following services:

1. Customized Consulting for Business Leaders:
Got too many requests for sponsorships, seek to engage your employees, or improve your brand? Karen offers customized advice to help businesses develop corporate philanthropy policies, unleash community engagement returns, structure long-term philanthropic partnerships, and more. Together, we’ll create results that take less of your time and provide more benefits to you and the community. Click here for a free discovery session.

2. SOS: Sponsorships (etc.) on Steroids:
I inaugurated SOS because I’ve noticed over my years in the profit and non-profit sectors that organizations with a coherent giving strategy improve business results even if that’s not the original intent. Organizations with incoherent approaches to giving generally don’t see business results even if they give with them in mind. SOS, one of signature offerings, grows your return on your investments in sponsorship, grants, and similar partnerships. For more read here.

2. Business Coaching:
If you’re a business owner or leader who seeks personal coaching on your business from an income development expert, sign up for Karen’s affordable Mentor Program.

3. Tailored Presentations:
Perfect for your employees or your favorite networking groups, Karen offers keynotes and workshops on how to give smarter and find the time to do more. Her speaking includes dozens of presentations a year. Click here to learn how to help your team to do more and give back strategically and more.

4. Free Resources:
Click here for Karen’s free newsletter, The Link, on corporate philanthropy. Or, click here for her extensive library, including 25 pieces on board leadership to apply Karen’s wisdom right away.

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Success Stories

“When we first met Karen, we had already planned to donate a portion of the proceeds from our Growth Igniters Series℠ of live events to a nonprofit. Karen helped us to expand our thinking. After listening to our goals, she identified nonprofits that exemplified innovation and helped us vet the list. We’re now exploring a relationship that we never would have found without her.”

Pamela S. Harper
Founding Partner & CEO
D. Scott Harper, Ph.D.
Sr. Partner
Business Advancement Inc.

“Whether the task is research-based, conceptual or rote, her attention to detail, intellectual curiosity, positive attitude, and personal integrity ensure that it will be done well.”

Elaine Wright
Florida Planning Group, Inc.