Stop being lonely at the top.

Share challenges and find solutions with a nonprofit expert who gets it without involving your staff, board, or tired-of-hearing-about-it significant other.

Despite its joys, nonprofit work is hard. It’s not for wimps. Contrary to what you’ve heard, it’s not government or business that requires the highest skills—it’s the nonprofit sector. Leaders here need the same abilities as every leader and more. That’s where Karen steps in. To move your organization and career forward, you need new skills, fresh tactics, and more strategic thinking.

Since 1994 Karen’s been guiding nonprofit leaders to sharpen their swords and to operate with smarter playbooks to transform their communities of supporters into mission champions. Drawing from her work with and studying over 1,000 nonprofits, she will work with you to solve the challenges big and small getting in the way of your quality of life and your organization’s upward trajectory.

As your nonprofit guide, Karen offers advice to help you solve or prevent intractable challenges, grow your support community, and obtain the resources you need to make your mission manifest with less labor. With Karen’s guidance, you’ll be welcoming people, increasing resources, and fulfilling your mission in dynamic new ways.

To solve the challenges waking you at 3 a.m., Karen offers:

Trusted Advisor

Did you know that every nonprofit leader can grow their organization’s revenue, mission, and community? That’s how Karen’s nonprofit trusted advising program helps. Karen’s partners with you to explore, find new solutions to tackle the challenges slowing down your growth and quality of life.

This is not, for the most part, coaching. Instead, it’s solution finding, testing, and perfecting your response to what’s on your plate now. As your trusted advisor, Karen prioritizes responding to your requests within 90 minutes.

The program is for CEOs and Executive Directors who seek to be more productive, grow their leadership skills, and clear challenges off their desks. We’ll work together to determine the timeframe, access points, and people to include on your team. Set an appointment with Karen to explore your goals and roadblocks.


The mentor program is a six-month opportunity for individuals who want to improve their work-life balance and be more productive by focusing on one challenge. At the beginning of this six-month program, you and I will reach a joint decision about whether this program will help you.

If we agree, then you will be asked to provide appropriate background information that I will examine. You might, for example, provide your current plan, draft materials, outlines, or other materials. Together, with this in hand, we will set specific goals for our time. This program is to help you meet your professional and personal goals. It’s so powerful many folks sign up more than one-time. Set a no-obligation appointment with Karen to chat about if mentoring is right for you.

Not Sure What You Need?

Don’t try to figure it out alone. Jot down three areas of concern and email them to Karen. We’ll figure it from there together. Cause that’s what partners do.


“I have an incredible amount of good, actionable ideas. I can’t thank you enough for your ideas and guidance.”

Mark Lee
Denise Amber Lee Foundation

“Karen, you are a deliberate, innovative, and insightful thought leader, which is so apparent in identifying issues and your approach to resolutions of those issues. I truly welcomed and appreciated your counsel and guidance in developing a model to improve the effectiveness of our board.”

John Hawthorne
Executive Director
Highlands County Habitat for Humanity

“We have made amazing progress.”

Leslie Glass
Founder- Co-Chair
Reach Out Recovery

About Karen

Karen guides nonprofit leaders to build exceptional nonprofits. People hire Karen to increase their revenues by up to 300 percent; they gain strategies that improve their organization’s forever. For more, see www.kedconsult.com. Call Karen at 941-924-4860 or email karen@kedconsult.com.