Let’s Do This Together: Fundraising Is a Team Sport

A Let’s Make A Million Dollars Together Experience


Four sessions of focused peer engagement, starting this fall, to master the gift and necessity of working well with others to grow donations.

Session 1: Getting Boards on Boards

  • Nice is Not Enough: How to Attract Team Players
  • “Not Me, You Do It”: How to Persuade Boards That Fundraising Benefits Them–Personally
  • Ending the Board Staff Fundraising Fight
  • Open Sesame: How to Deal With Locked Rolodexes

Session 2: The CEO and the Development Team

  • Setting Realistic and Dynamic Expectations: You Want Me to Raise How Much?
  • Two is Better than One: The Discipline That Catches Luck
  • Moves Management Together: Getting Your Donors to the Next Step
  • Why Triangles are the Strongest Shape: CEO, Boards and Development Staff

Session 3: Not Just Dollars: Donors as Doers

  • Capitalizing on Exceptionalism: Donor Darlings
  • It’s Not Bragging When They Say It: Helping Donors Extol Your Virtues
  • To Tell the Truth: Your Why Is Not Their Why and Why It Matters
  • What Is The Opposite of Burn Out? Re-Enegerizing Donors by Asking Them to Do What?

Session 4: Managing Them Is Managing You: Managing Everything

  • The Personal Challenge to Lead Over Do
  • Put Out Fires, Collect Wood, and Strick Matches: Prospect, Donors, Steward, Events, Appeals, Oh My
  • Like LAX Air Traffic Control at Rush Hour: Thrive on Chaos
  • Be Heard: When “They” Think They Know How to Do Fundraising

This dynamic, experienced-based program will help you answer questions, like these and more.

Imagine you’re trying to woe your board to help you make connections. You have a new plan but you’re not sure. It seems like too much like begging. During the session on board engagement, you ask the group to advise you. That is peers who face the same pressure as you do to perform miracles. With their help, you’ll make insightful tweaks, work the campaign, and celebrate your success.

Fundraising is a team support. You’re tasked with leading your board, co-workers, and volunteers in the effort. Now, you can enjoy the help of your peers to overcome your challenges—and theirs. You are a competent fundraiser. You recognize that you can use the support of a team to up your game and benefit your mission.

Length of Program

This program includes four sessions of online peer meetings around four fundraising team topic. You’ll receive a chance to ask your questions and discover your peers’ insights. All sessions will take place online at 11 a.m. Eastern. Sessions will be recorded. A major part of this opportunity is learning by listening, analyzing, and sharing. If at all possible, you will want to be on a computer, phone, or IPad with a camera, to join the session live. You can renew for the next session at a discounted price.

Let’s Make a Million Together: Let’s Do This Together Guidelines

  1. Twenty people maximum in any session, though some sessions, may have fewer.
  2. Four distinctive interactive video group conference meeting, with free downloads.
  3. Templates and handouts to speed your work.
  4. A chance to ask and get answers to your questions.
  5. A one-hundred-dollar discount of my individual mentor program.

Find out why playing with others always has been always will be more fun! Don’t try this alone!

Your Investment

Register for Let’s Do This Together

$250.00 ($200 if you register before December 1, 2017.)

Early Bird, Register Before December 1, 2017

$75.00 Individual Sessions

Dates: Dec. 8, Jan.5. Jan. 19, Feb. 2



If you learn just one useful idea that helps you close a small gift of $5,000 and you repeat that idea one time a year during your career your return will be $100,000. If you learn something that engages your board members to actively help you your return will be much higher sooner. The goal, of course, is that you’ll turn the investment into something priceless, that is, learning you’ll use over a lifetime and money for your mission to jump to the next level.