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  • Nonprofit Income Descriptions

    Corporate income: Corporate income is nonprofit income from a business, corporation, or for-profit entity.

    Government: Government funding is earned revenue obtained by offering services—usually for community good—paid for by the government.

    Grants: Grant income comes from a private foundation, community foundation, federated fund (such as United Way), or other group that distributes funds to nonprofits, generally in a competitive process involving a written request.

    Individual donations: Gifts from individuals and families are individual donations. This stream includes everything from small donations, to special event revenue from individuals and endowments.

    In-kind gifts/donations: In-kind gifts, or in-kind donations, are contributions of goods and services that nonprofits receive free or at low cost.

    Mission income: Mission income is funding your nonprofit earns by doing its mission and providing services or products associated with it.

    Other income: Other income is revenue that your nonprofit earns from providing a service or from selling goods when the product or service has little or no relationship to your mission, such as selling soda at an event.