Yes, your organization plans to spend time developing its outcome measurements. But what happens when you need them for an application due next week or for another, immediate need? The following, three part, fill-in the blank form will help you to create outcome measurements to meet your deadline.

The Form

Part 1. Our client/customer…
Part 2. …will have the following changes in
(choose at least one, vary your verbs)

status or

Part 3. …from these specific services/activities.

Examples of the Concept

  1. Part 1: Mothers will have…
    Part 2: …healthy babies, measured by weight and their Apgar score (change in condition)
    Part 3: …after participating in the three-month prenatal service series.
  2. High-school dropouts pass the GED exam as a result of the intervention program.
  3. Older adults identify retirement plans and priorities after completing the four-stage workshop event.