Sarah Pallone, Executive Director, Habitat for Humanity of Highlands County

The Problem
A new executive director needed an active, supportive board, not micro-management. The organization needed clarity about its mission and how it would fund its mission.

The Solution
After gathering input and analyzing results, Karen conducted a board retreat and offered follow-up implementation support.

The Value

• Habitat got eye-opening feedback that, “would never have gotten on our own.”
• The board identified building homes for owners as it’s number one priority.
• The board embraced its role ensuring that the organization has adequate resources.
• It decided on a dual-income strategy that balanced earned revenue with donations.
• The board responded enthusiastically: “I’ve attended a lot of facilitated sessions led by all kinds of professionals. What they did, didn’t hold a candle to Karen’s leadership.” Ted Puckorius

Customer Testimonial
“Before the retreat, board members were emailing, calling, and texting me—even on the weekends. After the event, that stopped. The board now knows their job. They understand it includes fiduciary responsibilities. It’s not only about showing up at meetings or micromanaging the staff.”