Partnering With You to Create Events that Exceed Expectations

Karen delivers customized, interactive, and practical presentations that are full of actionable information that your attendees will use today. In the video below, Karen shares what it’s like to have her speak at your event.
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I’ve attended a lot of facilitated sessions led by all kinds of professionals. What they did, didn’t hold a candle to Karen’s leadership.
Ted Puckorius
Executive Board Committee
Habitat for Humanity


Thank you so much for bringing your magic to the Miami Arts Marketing Project.
Your keynote was amazing and set the stage for the Corporate Partnership Session.
The program has received rave reviews.

Laura Bruney
President and CEO
Arts & Business Council of Miami


The folks who attended the webinar wanted more… and that hardly ever happens!
Martine Meredith Collier
Executive Director
Arts Council of Hillsborough County



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2020 Topics


How to Grow a Culture of Philanthropy in Your Nonprofit by Karen Eber Davis

Fundraising is a Team Sport, Coach Your Team to Raises Millions

Successful organizations engage everyone in raising money. No one can opt-out. By everyone, I mean staff and the board, plus volunteers, community members, and even donors.

When you fail to invite and engage our whole community in raising resources, you burn-out development staff and lose friendships, gifts, and resources. Learn how to build your culture of philanthropy, based on Karen’s recent research and book, Let’s Raise Nonprofit Millions Together.


How to Innovate, Add Value, and Supercharge Your Sponsorships Returns by Karen Eber DavisStop Leaving Money On the Table
How to Innovate, Add Value, and Supercharge Your Sponsorships Returns

Stop talking about growing your sponsorship revenue. Start creating partnerships that increase your income and improve your brand today. A valuable, interactive session to increase your sponsorship revenue.

We explore your unique value and show you how to make innovative tweaks to sponsorship offers that provide dynamic wins for businesses, the community, and new revenue for you. You’ll get down to the nitty-gritty and explore thoughtful strategies, practical tactics, and next steps.


How to Launch into Orbit by Engaging Your Staff in Revenue Development by Karen Eber DavisFundraising is Not Only for the CEO and Development Staff
How to Launch into Orbit by Engaging Your Staff in Revenue Development

What’s stopping you from engaging your staff and growing more income? Collectively your staff knows thousands of people. You can coach them to articulate the needs of your organization and share compelling stories about the lives you change.

This session presents the soft fundraising skills employees excel at, explores how to overcome resistance, and fun ways to reward staff superstars. You’ll leave ready to help your co-workers reach new people, grow more revenue, and launch your revenue into orbit.     

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Turn Your Board Members into Revenue Heroes by Karen Eber DavisTurbocharge Your Board
Turn Your Board Members into Revenue Heroes

What’s the board’s role in fundraising? What would happen if your board got more actively engaged in obtaining resources? What if they transformed into your revenue heroes?

This valuable session focuses on creating boards that actively help to ensure adequate revenue. It explores the challenges leaders face engaging their boards, presents options to educate boards, and highlights how to move so your board fall in love with fundraising. It takes a realistic look at how to change board resistance into dynamic support and turbocharge your board’s leadership.

Karen has an engaging way about her. Her understanding of the material is clear and she is accommodating and respectful of questions and comments.
Gordon Tremaine
ELC Palatka


How to Tap All Seven Nonprofit Income Streams by Karen Eber DavisOpen the Floodgates to Sustainability
How to Tap All Seven Nonprofit Income Streams

Money. It’s what keeps nonprofit leaders up at night. How will you grow revenues? Even if obtaining more money is not the #1 challenge your nonprofit faces, more income is on your wish list.

This interactive session identifies your most likely funding streams—from the viewpoint of the donor and consumer. Understanding their perspectives and their needs inspires nonprofit leaders to provide fresh donor and customer value. Whether your goal is to grow your income or determine a sustainability strategy, this session offers the tools you need. It highlights the revenue strategy concepts in Karen’s book, 7 Nonprofit Income Streams.

You were incredibly well-received, and I heard only positive feedback on your excellent presentation at our AFP meeting! You certainly engaged the crowd and your information was clear, concise, worthwhile, and usable–my favorite take-home from any event!
Donna K. Dunio
Executive Director
Aging in Paradise Resource Center

Five Myths of PhilanthropyHarsh and Stunning Truths to Help Your Donors Become More Generous by Karen Eber Davis
Harsh and Stunning Truths to Help Your Donors Become More Generous

In the nonprofit sector, we often talk about people who “get” philanthropy, fundraising, and development. How many in your organization “get” these three critical concepts? What myths get in the way, and how do they interfere with help your donors be more generous?

This interactive presentation explores the five myths of philanthropy. You will learn how and what myths to bust. We examine how philanthropic and business investments overlap and learn the specific tools to use that will help you to clarify donor’s gift goals. You will understand how nonprofits can work better with advisors and vice versa and how nonprofits earn revenue and why cash can create tsunami-like impacts.

Karen’s presentation provided our staff with information about the opportunities and challenges faced by our not-for-profit clients in generating revenue. She was able to provide us with suggestions for helping our clients become more efficient and improve their cash flow. We appreciate Karen sharing her insight with us.
Victoria Bartlett, CPA
Manager, Tax Services
Gregory, Sharer & Stuart

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Presentation Example

The Life-Changing Magic of Effective Business Nonprofit Partnerships

I liked the interactive exercises. Karen was a great presenter and the information was very valuable, especially how to use resources we already have…
Bari Arnson


Karen facilitated our CEO Forum and did a fabulous job engaging the participants in an enthusiastic and substantive conversation. She asked insightful questions that made everyone think. One of the CEOs said to me with feeling “This was SO great!” Karen elicited a feeling of collegiality from the group that had been missing on other occasions. I hope Karen joins us again to work her magic.
Grace Armstrong 
Chief Executive Officer
Nonprofit Leadership Center of Tampa Bay

Customized Personal Sessions

Karen develops personalized seasons to fit your needs involving fundraising, leadership, and boards.

Karen provided a great session that left our CEO and Development staff exploring new strategies to grow their relationships.
Jay R. Lockaby, MSS, MLSP
SVP Affiliate Relations and Strategic Growth
Cancer Support Community


I enjoyed the way you presented the material in an easily approachable and fun manner. The participants appreciated the tips you shared as well as the time management tools. The “speed dating” was very beneficial for the participants. Great idea!
Pamela Greenleaf
Program Manager
Nonprofit Leadership Center of Tampa Bay

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