Sample Letter of Intent

Letters of Intent are a common grant-screening tool. The following template will help you assemble one quickly. The italics indicate instructions and the bold fields. In your draft remove and substitute as discussed.

On your non-profit organization’s letterhead


Contact person
City, State, Zip

Re: Letter of Intent for Name of Grant

Dear Contact Person:

This letter is inform you that the ABC Non-profit intends to apply for the Name of Grant Program by the month, date, year deadline. The request will range from $250,000 to $350,000 dollars. (The grant program allows up to $400,000 in requests. Giving a range provides you flexibility during drafting. However, if the guidelines require a specific amount, provide this number.) The funds will be used to cite at least one eligible activity and serve approximately # and type of people.

Please find:

1.List any items requested, i.e., a 501 c3, audit, etc. (If nothing, skip)


Include a basic paragraph to establish your non-profit organization’s credibility. Use your standard statement of introduction, that is, one well-written paragraph of about 50 words long that identifies your mission, an overview of your services and a recent award. You can find additional information about the ABC Non-profit at

I look forward to working with you on this application. Please call ###-###-#### or email xx@xxxx if you need an answer to any questions or additional information.


Your Name

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