13 Items to Bring to Your Next Meeting

You’re preparing for a meeting when the telephone rings. When you arrive you realize you forgot to bring an important item.

You can avoid this mishap! This list will help you to gather meeting supplies so you arrive with the tools you need at your next nonprofit meeting

  1. Minutes from the previous meeting or a few extras if sent in earlier
  2. Agendas, a few if you provided them in advance
  3. Nametags
  4. An opening exercise and items to lead it
  5. A written goal for the meeting, possibly on the agenda
  6. Your meeting recipe, i.e., your step-by-step plan to achieve the meeting goal. I create mine, by listing activities by 15-20 minute segments. I print this out and carry it in a three-ring notebook
  7. Handouts. For meetings of 25 or less, insert the handouts in the notebook after the appropriate agenda item in plastic sleeves
  8. Pens or pencils for sign-in, surveys, and other tasks
  9. Tape to post items, i.e., a sign that you moved to a new meeting room
  10. Newsprint unless you are certain of the whiteboard availability
  11. Markers. Don’t count on the ones in the room
  12. Your calendar to schedule the next meeting
  13. A note pad and pen for your notes

To learn what a presentation notebook is and how to create one click here.

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