Adults Say the Darndest Things
February 3, 2016

Adults Say the Darndest Things

Business people having meeting around table in officeWhen I was small, Art Linkletter had an afternoon show that would be on the TV when I arrived home from school. Perhaps you’ve seen clips of the final segment, “Kids Say The Darndest Things.” In it, Art interviewed four or five children. With Art’s prompting many said some very funny things.

Even if you missed Art’s show, you can still watch a similar one. Its called: “Adults say the darndest things.” Sometimes we say them: other times others do.

For example, a CEO told me, “We’re not looking to grow generally.”

Darn! Really?

Of course, the CEO didn’t mean it—at least how it came out. Since every organization, every person, must be looking to grow generally.

Growth takes different forms. One growth area involves budgets. To keep up with inflation, we all must grow our budgets professionally and personally. Another area includes our skills, sometimes one or more skills at once. This year, I’m working on running, ballet, and videos. Of course, you also must grow as an organization. Perhaps your growth will be to better manage your time or double your donor base, or partner with ten new businesses. Aside from my nonprofit services helping organizations generate new income, my firm is growing by helping businesses to distinguish themselves by partnering with nonprofits.

Not look to grow is not an option. Grow you must. This year, how will you grow your budget? How will you grown your personal skills? And, how will your organization grow? To be accountable, share your plans boldly with others. Say and do the darndest things: grow like crazy.


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